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my head is a horrible place to be right now
Winter Fantasy
I fall to pieces when I'm with you
Will you cage me?
So Now The World Can Never Get Me On My Level

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2764 days ago
Looking for contests?
started by: japanfan12345
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2874 days ago
Who is ur best anime charater in the world
started by: mewmewpie
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2993 days ago
who is the best couple?
started by: crazyloveblush
4 Miku-lover
2660 days ago
Who is the cuttest Shugo Chara boy
started by: mewmewpie
8 wua8
2728 days ago
started by: vi078
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3267 days ago
Favorite Anime?♫
started by: ♥Risa-Harada♥
17 meezlover2
650 days ago
We should start a contest
started by: jazzcrank
8 jazzcrank
3955 days ago
who is the best anime girl
started by: epson150
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3900 days ago
Anime stamps!
started by: japanfan12345
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4430 days ago
started by: clubwulf
27 hunnybunny19
3734 days ago
Please please PLEASE join my groups!
started by: xxhanrocksxx
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4493 days ago

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Merry Christmas to all My Friends

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