posted: 1187 days ago
Hello Darlings, 

I know I've been absent lately focusing on university, weightloss, dancing..and other stuff..

Hope you aren't too mad..

Hope you still wanna play in PDB..

There are new challenges coming, and I thought of a Totally new one..We'll see how it goes.. :)

BrandNew challenge, where the Winner gets to choose:
1.) - a letter from the alphabet, say "B" to start the word with and add some guide like 'animal' So, we could find an animal STARTING with the letter B like: Bee, Bonobo, Bear.. if the guide would be 'adjective' we could choose: Brandnew, Black, Badass..

2.) - or the winner could choose up to 3 letters, but still needs to choose the "letter", and a 'guide' + 1 or 2 *bonus letter(s)*

for example:
Letter: "B"
Guide: 'food'
Bonus Letters: *O & S* ----> for this we could choose the word BACONS, or BREADROLLS..

'THE WORD' needs to appear on the blingee with a fairy or angel or winged creature which normally wouldn't have wings.. the rest is up to Your imagination!!!  :) fingers crossed that ya'll like this insane idea.. XD

Wishing EveryFairy a wonderful day!!!!!!
Hugs & kisses
xoxo: Vykie

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