posted: 870 days ago
My Dear Members,
    Please excuse my long absence. Sadly, my mother in law passed away. We were away for the arrangements and cremation. It also took us some time to clean out her apartment. I had a lot of catching up when I got home as well. Thank you so much for your patience.  ~Mitzi
posted: 870 days ago
Querida amiga mi mas profundo pesame por lo de tu suegra,eventos como defunciones o enfermedades o accidentes a todos nos ocurren,aqui estamos las de siempre extrañandote,un gran abrazo Isabel.
posted: 869 days ago
mein Aufrichtiges Beileid zum Tot deiner Schwiegermutter.
Nimm dir die Zeit, die du brauchst um wieder klare Gedanken zu haben. Alles Gute..Monika..
posted: 869 days ago
Désolée pour cette  nouvelle c'est triste de perdre sa maman on n'en a qu'une
Toutes mes sincères condoléances
Bon courage prend ton temps pour revenir sur blingee
Je te fais de gros bisous
posted: 867 days ago
So sorry to hear this dear Mitzi ! A mother in law is sometimes as a second mom...may she rest in peace and be happy now in the kingdom of  God our Lord !

Love and hugs 

posted: 867 days ago
    -`ღ´- Thank You My Dear Friends. xoxo 
posted: 867 days ago
Toute mes sincères condoléances Bon courage Gros bisous
posted: 862 days ago
Sincères Condoléances Mitzi!!
posted: 860 days ago
Thank you Sylvie, Marguerite❣   xoxo

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