Rhett Mays Creatures of the Night Album Revered by Fans

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Rhett May has one of the most diverse fan bases in the rock scene today.  After growing up in Calcutta, India and beginning his music career there he moved to Australia and started actively playing there.  Now you can hear him all around the world and Internet as his rock based fusion music spreads like wildfire.  His newest album “Creatures of the Night” is an incredible collection of thirteen phenomenal songs that play through many different styles and instrumentations.  Rhett shows off his skills on the guitar, vocals and sitar.  

One notable song from “Creatures of the Night” is “Back Seat of my Chevy.”  Rhett goes deep into the classic rock sound for this one but then turns it around and shows his skills playing jazz with “When We Make Love.”  He goes on to play around with psychedelic distorted sounds in “Sandy Sweet as Candy” and a wild eastern drum based groove in “Elixir of the Gods.”

Rhett also created a music video to go with the title song from the album.  It is gripping, entrancing and mysterious and well worth your time to take a watch.  You can watch the video on his YouTube channel here: http://bit.ly/RM-COTNVid.

If you want to check more out of Rhett May’s music, he has a FREE DOWNLOAD up on Noisetrade here: http://bit.ly/RM-NT of “Lexxi May”. If you love end up loving both of these tunes, then head to iTunes here: http://bit.ly/RhettM-iTunes to get yourself a copy of the album.

Keep up with Rhett check out his Facebook here: http://bit.ly/RM-FaceBook , Twitter here: http://bit.ly/RM-Twitter and ReverbNation here: http://bit.ly/RM-ReverbNation or discover more through his official website at www.RhettMay.com.
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