posted: 4896 days ago
i have an ipod, looooove music and hm,jb, stuff like dat and wayyyyyyyy more... lol but i play violin and piano. how about you?
posted: 4896 days ago
I love music too, i have an iPod and play guitar. My favorites bands are:
  ♪ Paramore
  ♪ Green Day
  ♪Panic At The Disco
  ♪ Avril Lavigne
  ♪ Fall Out Boy
posted: 4896 days ago
heyy i play bass guitar adn LOVE avril lavigne and Jonas brothers, and really like green day, plain white ts and rhianna♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
posted: 4896 days ago
oooh me 2!! thanks for putting the blingee i made up as the group blingee=)
posted: 4896 days ago
i put on a new one... its kinda cool.
posted: 4894 days ago
i have a mp3 player and im gettin ipod soon...YAY! 
i used to play the guitar and i play a little bit of keyboard...
my fav band is FOB!!! u guys ROCK!
posted: 4894 days ago
I love music! It really is my life. I used to sing in a band...but that was a while ago.
My fave bands are:
♫ Paramore
♫ Panic At the Disco
♫ Fall Out Boy
♫ My Chemical Romance
♫ Chevelle
♫ The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

lots more...but you get the point.
posted: 4893 days ago
i have an ipod and im gonna try 2 learn bass 
i tend to listen to music ALOT hah
some bands i like are 
♥Three Days Grace♥
♥Fall Out Boy♥ 
♥Escape The Fate♥
♥Green Day♥ and many many more <3 
posted: 4889 days ago
i don't play any istrument but i wish i could ˇ_ˇ
i have mp3 and i've got cd's and posters
music i like:
Green Day
Avril Lavigne
posted: 4886 days ago
Heyy pplz watz up i luv music hip hop is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted: 4884 days ago
hey guyz i play the keyboard i LUV guitars (wish i could play 1 lol) I have an ipod & mi fav singers r Avril, Arch enemy n Rihanna
posted: 4884 days ago
Hey peoplez!!!!!!!! i play the guitar and the Chello. anythin that's related to the guitar i can play. my fav band is Chemical Romance and Panic! at the Disco. The are Soooooo Awesome!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3<3
posted: 4741 days ago
hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I LUV  MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!            

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