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posted: 3238 days ago
Here I would like you to introduce yourself, you can tell us where you are from, whether you are a redhead, or just a fan, and whatever else you would like to say!
posted: 3238 days ago
I'll kick things off! My name is Gloria. I have 4 children, but only one got red hair. I got MY red hair from my mother. We are from Maine (but I now live in Connecticut) and are of Irish and English descent. 
posted: 3237 days ago
My name is Melanie I live in TEXAS USA.Im a Believer (thus my name here) M.believer :) of all things in this world, I love creating and senergizing  with all my blingee friends. I'm a kind soul with a big heart . thanks for having me apart of this group . your friend Melanie 
posted: 3237 days ago
My name is Kevin....I am old but still cute. And I have always been a big....big fan of redheads!
posted: 3237 days ago
bonsoir ,moi c'est larby, je viens de bruxelles belgique et j'aime touts le monde ;-) ou presque ;-)
posted: 3237 days ago
Hello, my name is Joycie & i am  
from  Ohio, in USA. I do not have 
red hair, but i do love it!!!
I am married & a mom of 3. Also 
have 5 grandchildren, but am forever
young at heart lol!  
posted: 3237 days ago
my name is joyce and i live in martinsburg w.v.,i have five kids,and three grandkids
posted: 3237 days ago
Hello I'm Melissa Hardy 
I've been a Redhead all my life and I am a True redhead no die lol , I am getting gray and hate it I must keep my red lol matching my color is hard . I am from Florida 
I have 4 kids 3 are girls and 1 boy. My kids did not take after me when it came to their hair . Summer,Alyssa,Eddie are Blondes . And Lily is a strawberry blonde. I guess they get in from their dad . Take Care Hugs Melissa
posted: 3237 days ago
bonjour je m'appelle patrick ortega francais j'habite saint étienne j'aime beaucoup les rousses style milène farmer,axelle red ou isabelle boulay et puis mon prénon représente le patron irlandais. l'irlande pays des roux en général

hello my name is patrick ortega French Saint Etienne I live I love redheads style Milene Farmer, Axelle Red or Isabelle Boulay and then my boss prénon represents the Irish. ireland land of red in general
posted: 3237 days ago
•´*•.¸.♥ Hello To All! My name is Mitzi... 
live in Somerset, New Jersey. Married 32 yrs, have a son 22yrs, and two Shih-tzu furbabies who bring lots of joy into our lives. 

I'm a 'bottle' redhead, hope that counts, he he! Been a redhead for many years. Love red hair of all shades... & love making redhead blings! 

Thanks for the invite my sweet Gloria! Wish you lots of luck with this fabulous group!
posted: 3237 days ago
My name is Daniela. I come from Sicily, Italy and I married 18 years. I am 47 years old. In my family, my sister in law have red hair. I love red hair and I think this group is really original!
Thank you Gloria for made this!
Sweet kisses♥
posted: 3237 days ago
Hi, my name is Sherry & I live in MA USA. I'm a wife, mother & grandmother but am young at heart! I am not a redhead but I have always had red highlights. Thanks for adding me to this group Gloria!! Hugs xxxxx
posted: 3237 days ago
Hi everyone! I'm Peggy...I'm a bottle redhead but have been for many years. Everyone thinks it looks more natural than my black hair! Probably because of the pale skin and freckles:) I have 2 grown children and 2 grandsons. I live in Ohio, but am originally from upstate NY. Great idea for a group...I didn't realize I'd done so many blingees with redheads!!
posted: 3237 days ago
Hi My Name Is Aries!
I'm From Miami Florida But I Live In Georgia Now.
I Am A Mom Of A 10 Year Old Daughter.
♥ I Absolutey Love Blingee & My Friends On Here ♥
posted: 3237 days ago
Hi, my name is Denise. I'm from North Carolina and am 42 with 2 stepkids, 2 grandbabies and one on the way!! I am a brunette with natural red highlights which especially come out during the summer months, cause my granddaddy was a redhead ; ), and my hubby is a redhead too!!
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