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posted: 2558 days ago
Hi guys and girls!

I have been busy in the last time and I'm truly sorry for this>~<' I want to make contest again, and not only that, also challanges and minigames:D I also want to make one or two people to a manager, so that I get some help. 
But before this I want to know who wants to be informed, when there is any minigame, challange or contest. So if you want that please just write in the comment "I want to be informed"

◘ HannahJuly
◘ dww1998
◘ NijoNijo
◘ ❀Yachiru_kusajishi❀
◘ starcat233
◘ ♥lovecute♥
◘ Cameragirl101
◘ jujusoleil
◘ midnasoul5
◘ sparklegirl6688
◘ Nikita6885
◘ LaPrincessPeach16
◘ ☠Dєɱơɲ♔Īɲƨʌɲɪƭɣ∞Sєƙʌɪ☯
◘ nerdygirlforever
◘ madoka12345
◘ diamondcastle23
◘ Fritz001

Thank you to all for beeing the group and I wish you all much fun here. If you have a question, don't be shy and just ask me:) Love you all!~<3

posted: 2557 days ago
I used to manage a group. I miss those days. I use this group regular basis. Contests would be good. Consider doing them by types maybe? then another type a next week or so? Just suggestions. Tell me what you think :3 x
posted: 2557 days ago
It would be great fun to join challenges. They are Always nice :3
posted: 2556 days ago
Sure! I would want to be informed :3
posted: 2556 days ago
I want to be informed! :3
posted: 2556 days ago
I will like to be informed ^^
posted: 2556 days ago
I would like to be informed. :) (sorry this is late)
posted: 2556 days ago
je veux être informé"
posted: 2554 days ago
I would like to be informed, please^^
posted: 2553 days ago
I would like to be informed
posted: 2548 days ago
I want to be informed!
posted: 2544 days ago
I don't take part in them but I'd like to be informed anyway, just in case
posted: 2541 days ago

posted: 2541 days ago
I would like to be informed :)
posted: 2541 days ago
I want to be informed;)
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