✨Love Nikki Fans✨

✨Love Nikki Fans✨

Fan of Love Nikki Dress Up Queen? Then join the amazing fan group. Post your amazing creations here and have weekly competitions and events. Vote and comment and have fun!

  • Founder: ratchet101
  • Number of Members: 1
  • Number of Blingees: 2
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✨⭐️Love Nikki Dress Up Queen Blingee Fan Group✨⭐️

 ✨⭐️✨⭐️Welcome to the Fan Group, here’s a few rules and information about the group!✨⭐️✨⭐️


1️⃣ There will be weekly events, these events will be either a colour theme, style, holiday, or just a random theme.

2️⃣ This fan group is just for fun


1️⃣ Blingees can contain anything, but must have something with a Love Nikki character or suit in them.

2️⃣ Love Nikki Stamps will be provided and available in ratchet101 stamps (Feel free to use if needed :) ) 

3️⃣ Feel free to discuss Love Nikki, current/ upcoming events 

4️⃣ HAVE FUN!                                           

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