posted: 269 days ago
I noticed that blingee is definitely dead, and I am very sad for it, I am here since 2013 and I have beautiful memories here...
If you have p1cm1x and want to add me, my nickname is Jigokuko.
I know that site is really boring, but ehh... is the only alternative at the moment.
posted: 269 days ago
Mine is asuna.yuuki if anyone wants to add me

Once you get used to it, it's not that bad. Blingee is officially closing. So I don't understand why they still won't allow the word

Hopefully people from Blingee go on there and upload stamps they put on here onto there like mandalas. There's not much on there and I can't find out where people saved them if they did

If you wanna add my friends:
My friend Amelie: Ami_Marie
My friend Giselle: heavenlyanimegirl13
My friend Elias: immortalgamer
posted: 268 days ago
hello!! i'm also on picm!x & its @ emotea 
posted: 268 days ago
I'm there too.

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