Video Games

posted: 5215 days ago
Like Video Games Then Talk Here!
posted: 5214 days ago
hiya i like guitar hero3
posted: 5213 days ago
Me Too Is Really Fun I Already Finish The Easy In Career But I Accidently ... Removed It LOL Now I Have To Start Over!
posted: 5213 days ago
i love video games...Resident evil,music 2000,music 3000, Gta, Tony Hawk,etc,etc..
posted: 5212 days ago
LOL I Love Video Games!!!
posted: 5211 days ago
My favorite game is Guitar Hero III, and my favorite music from this game is Miss Murder (AFI)
posted: 5209 days ago
I Like Tatoo Love Boys!
posted: 5209 days ago
Yeah! This is my favorite song in Guitar Hero III!
posted: 5209 days ago
Oh, sorry, in GH II
posted: 5206 days ago
i love kingdom haerts. yeah its cool. i wish i had guitar hero... i have like nearly all the singstars! its like sooooo addictive! im not good at singing but its fun! =]
posted: 5204 days ago
Yeah Kingdom Hearts Its Cool SingStar Is Cool Too But I Like More American Idol Then SingStar!
posted: 5200 days ago
Hi! I love Final Fantasy! Espeacially Final Fantasy 7, it's my most fave video game ever and it is sooooo AWSOME! I also love Kingdom Hearts! That video game ROCKS! I also love Dragon Quest 8, Tomb Raider and The Sims 2!
posted: 5124 days ago
I love action video games like Final Fantasy, Aeon Flux, Oni, Valkyrie Profile, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil...I can't think of anymore.... I also like GH and Singstar!! Has anyone played Singstar?
posted: 5123 days ago
Me I Play Pop And 80's But I Want Rock LOL Oh And The 90's That One Sucks A lot!

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