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I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank those of you who leave the wonderful comments on my page and my blings. I would also like to thank those of you who take the time to rate and vote. It is greatly appreciated. I have noticed most of your profiles are set to private, so I am therefore unable to thank you properly. Thank you all for your great works and inspiration!
Take care,and May you all be blessed! 

Well, since my friend base is building, I guess I should tell you a little about myself :)
My name is Ann, I'm 36 yrs young, and I am the mother of 4(3 boys and a girl)ages 20, 18, 15, and 14. I am a now a grandmother to 2 precious ones. I love them both, and am consumed by the joy they bring. I'm a homebody, so I love things like this to keep me occupied. I consider myself a friendly person, but it is hard to break the barrier sometimes.

As far as this blingee stuff goes, I LOVE IT!!
I have used this site off and on for about 4 yrs to throw something together, but I never knew what you could REALLY do until recently. I love the vintage competition and all of the great ideas that fly through here. I appreciate the fact that everyone has given an effort to create things unique and new.
I must say though, I love most of the blingees I see in comp, but I do not vote on blings that are out of category. If it's not vintage I don't vote on it unless it's up against another out of category. It's ashamed too, because a lot of them are nice, but unfortunately they don't get my vote. There are so many other blingees that belong, that I don't feel get a fair chance because of the extras that shouldn't be there...SORRY, but that's how it is. Personally, it gives me a headache!!
I must let you know that I do not "FRIEND" vote. I vote according to the creativity, the time I can see went into them, and basically my first reaction to them. I check them to see if it's a very nice bling, OR a very nice picture. There is a difference.
I do vote several blings up most times because I feel like they deserve a shot. I've found that a lot of them end up hitting #1 at some point, or at least end up placing a whole lot better. Once I help get you to the 100 mark, then you're on your own :)
I DO NOT vote on blings with guns, drugs, blood,or gore. I must admit, some of these things come up unexpectedly and I am actually shocked and a little repulsed! You don't exactly expect that in a vintage comp. Also people, there is a difference between pin-up and porn...I'M SURE MOST OF US KNOW THE DIFFERENCE! I DO...and I don't vote on that either.

Well I think that covers things for now. Thank you to all of my friends for your continuous comments and votes. I feel like I've found a community to be a part of, and I appreciate it.

To anyone interested, I also do the Myspace thing, so feel free to visit and get to know me! (1 of my pages)

Blingee theives...Watch out for:


To all of my friends from all over the world, I would love to see more of the places u live. Anyone with pics of ur country/home-town please feel free to share. Myself and others may never make it 2 these places, so perhaps we may visit through ur pics! Thank you my friends 4 being so very wonderful!!

        I have a beautiful grandson, 
        born on September 23rd, 2009.
        He is the new love of my life!
        We are truly blessed. God allowed us 
        a perfectly healthy new addition to
        the family. GOD IS GOOD!!

        I also now have a granddaughter.


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                \\ /
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           ˙·٠•●◊● SCRAPLAND ●◊●•٠·˙ 



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4132 days ago
   Mi Amor,
         __    ,.   HAPPY                          ♥
       (c ';')_))           VALENTINES
    '//(__=3((---|>       ("v")          DAY!
     '    L L   ))                'v'
                  ♥  Love You! ~Mitzi

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