☆★Always accepting requests.☆★

★Hello there! I am Princess Rosalina's biggest fan. I would prefer not to say my real name, so please just call me Rosie.

Things about me:
☆You can call me Rosie.
☆I am a gamer
☆I'm a girl
☆I won't say my age
☆My favorite colors are blue, aqua, teal, turquoise and anything that's blue!
☆I joined here because I love effects and flashy stuff
☆I hate hackers, bullies, cyberbullies, bugs, and math
☆I love reading, Rosalina, science, blue, water, going to the beach, anime, art and more
☆I don't really like Daisy
☆I like Peach
☆I am Rosalina's number one fan.


 Reasons why I am Rosalina's Biggest Fan:

★1.I pretend I am her sometimes XD
★2.I love her and the lumas!
★3.My nickname is Rosie
★4.I wear purple nail polish
★5.Aqua and teal are my fav colors!
★6.Her name is in my username
★7.She is my idol
★8.I once had a dog named Rosie 
★9.I love her!
★10.I am her biggest fan! xD
★11. Waluigi doesn't deserve her!
★12.I mostly make blingees of her. 
★13.She's my favorite Mario character.
★14.I have ascii art of her!
★15.Luisalina is a great pairing, but i like her being single.
★16.I know everything about her!
★17.She is just like me
★18.We are like best friends
★19.I am pretty much the only one that knows that just because she wears blue doesn't mean she's all about it  
★20.Every time I take a Mario personality test I get Rosalina
★21.I wear a lot of blue\teal\aqua.
★22.I can't go a day without looking at her XD
★23.I am great with kids
★24.My favorite shape is a star
★25.I would do anything for her
★26.If I could meet her, I would go crazy!
★27.My OC is her sister (NOT A MARY-SUE)
★28.I love stars!
★29.I look at the stars every night
★30.I love blue roses they remind me of her 
★31.My friends say I'm too crazy for Rosie
★32.I'm crazy about her                              
★33.I will kill anyone who wants to kill her
★34.I put down actual REASONS
★35.I have the best reasons
★36:I know in my heart that I will always love Rosie
★37:She's the best!
★38:I can think of 900 more reasons why I am her #1 fan
★39:I have more Rosalina blingees than anyone else on Blingee.
★40: I put down so many reasons, my mind goes blank
★41: She's like a sister to me
★42: She's so beautiful
★43: Rosalina knows I'm her biggest fan ;D
★44: She is set as my desktop background
★45:I put a blingee of her in the best girl blingee comp                ★46:My notebook has stars on it
★47:My backpack has stars on it
★48:My goodie bag is filled with Rosalina stamps on Blingee
★49:My "favorite blingees" are filled with Rosie blingees (And gift blingees from friends)
★50:I talk about her too much
★52: I always put stars on my paper lol
★53: I still go on here I didn't just leave my Blingee account for no reason 
★54: I will always be her biggest fan no matter what
★55: I have always loved her
★56:I hate her haters (RosalinaXHater is ok on Blingee she's sorta nice)
★57: I draw her everyday!
★58: It's not like she's the ONLY princess I love.. I love Peach and Daisy as well.
★59: I know in my heart I'm her biggest fan whether you believe it or not i dont give a crap
★60: I always think about her :)
★61: Sometimes I have dreams about her at night
★62: Not everyone has said I'm her biggest fan, and I never did anything wrong because of it, Which is why I am.
★63: I don't only talk to Mario fans, I talk to other people too! But mostly Mario fans.. xD
★64: I will never forget about her
★65: When I was a baby my mama called me Yoshi! Not Rosie but close enough..  
★66: I am intelligent like Rosie.
★67. Im not mean to people who think they're her biggest fan, But I still won't put up with nonsense.
★68: I have daydream about her in school
★69: I am always going to be her biggest fan.
★70: I still love the other princesses, But Rosie is the best.
★71: I think she should be a queen
★72: I have a Blue, Blue, Blue group
★73: She is amazing, talented, and intelligent. Like me.. (although I am not that good xD)
★74: I have loved her since I was a baby.
★75: I have a necklace with her on it
★76: She will always be my fave princess
★77: Im also the biggest fan of Paper Rosalina.
★78: Im also the Biggest Baby Rosie Fan.
★79: we have EVERYTHING in common. 
★80: I make Rosie GIFS
★81. I am always drawing her
★82: I draw her on my homework! xD
★83: I actually capitalize her name.
★84: I don't start fights
★85: Cinderella is my favorite Disney princess because she is like her
★86: I don't copy reasons
★87: I've never hated blue before. It's always been my favorite color.
★88: I still go on here. Im just always busy. The longest it's been is 60 days when other people have been off 1000 days. (I even checked)
★89: I have her wig c:
★90: I cried when I read her story.
★91: You know what? I actually ENJOY seeing posers saying they're her biggest fan. Im glad others support her.
★92: I'm a tomboy and girly girl just like her.
★93: I love writing reasons, it's good proof to show the posers that I'm a bigger fan. 
★94: Others put down reasons like: "OMG I GOT 100 REASONS SO HA 100TH REASON!" Umm...? That's not a real reason. I don't put those reasons on here.
★95: I support her like crazy
★96: I love Rosalina soooooo friggin much that I could just explode
★97: I live for her
★98: All of my reasons are true
★100: I don't think ANY of the lumas are annoying or dumb or boring
★101: My teacher gets mad because I put stars on my paper xD
★102: I love to RP as her, but I don't RP for her to get a boyfriend
★103: I could write down reasons forever and never stop
★104: All of my friends love Rosie
★105: Im not mean to Rosie haters but I just don't want them to be my friend.
★106: I'd spend all my money to meet her
★107: I believe she's real
★108: Even people who aren't really my friends think im her biggest fan
★109: I may not start fights, But I will fight with you if you are all bitchy to me or her
★110: I swear if I look at her even I feel a burst of joy in my heart. im proud
★111: If you hate her, I'll block you.
★112: You hate me or Rosie? GTFO XD
★113: I find the most RAREST pixels of her
★114: I have a folder on my desktop filled with Rosalina drawings
★115: You don't think I'm her biggest fan? That's cool. I don't care if you think it or not. I know and Rosie knows.
★116: I'm not on a lot because of school and because I'm busy drawing her <3
★117: I'm not only in the Mario fandom, I like others too. BUT the Mario Fandom is the biggest fandom Im in.
★118: I look her up 24/7
★119: I teach my little cousin about her <3
★120: Look at my profile. It's LOADED with stars.
★121: I Always have something to say about her
★122: If you knew me in RL, you would think the same.
★123: I've been depressed but I don't cut. Why? well for my family and friends but also for Rosalina. Also because im intelligent enough to know that i am loved -.-
★124: I'd treat her like royalty.
★125: It makes me mad when people pretend to be her -.-
★126: I just love her so much, that I made a club about her!
★127: I would date her but NO because I'm straight and in the Bible it says men were made for women and women were made for men. Plus she's more like a best friend and a sister. I ALSO SUPPORT GAY RIGHTS. :)
★128: I got a Rosalina plushie for Christmas
★129: My mama says I'm too crazy for her
★130: If Rosalina never existed, I'd be bored on the web e.e
★131: I LOVE playing Mario games! I don't love her for no reason!
★132: And no Mario games are not the only reason why I LOVE HER -.-
★133: I have so many reasons I can't even explain them all
★134: When I edit my profile I will have Rosie's story in it. c:
★135: Rosalina should get her own game! I'd spend as much money as possible on it!
★136: She's a wonderful creation of God
★137: My actual sister is JUST like her as well! Blonde hair, nice clothing, Blue eyes, same personality (just about).
★138: My sister calls me Rosie
★139: My brother calls me Rosie
★140: My brother's girlfriend calls me Rosie
★141: We are both caring
★142: When anybody says perverted things about Rosie such as: "dat a$$" and "I wanna fnck her so hard" it disturbs me so badly I wanna find them and murder them. 
★143: Anytime somebody makes perverted IMAGES of Rosie it disturbs me. I CANNOT STAND fanart of her looking "sexy"! SHE'S ALWAYS SEXY ANYWAYS!
★144: I HATE when people draw her naked! It's RUDE and INAPPROPRIATE!
★145: she is my sister's fave Mario character next to Peach
★146: Elsa reminds me of her! I love them both!
★147: I have easter eggs that are blue with white stars on them!
★148: I tell my friends about her all the time!
★149: There's nothing I dislike about her.
★150: I grow even bigger of a fan of her every day.
★151: My favorite letter is R
★152: Then O
★153: Then S
★154: Then A 
★155: then L
★156: And then I
★157: And then N
★158: Annnnddd then A... Oh wait I already said A!
★159: If I were a guy I'd have a huge crush on her.
★160: I print out pictures of her and hang them in my room!
★161: I love the galaxy. I study it.
★162: I cosplay as her.
★163: I wear blue stuff almost every day
★164: Do you wear blue stuff almost everyday? Dont think so. 
★165: I have like a million blue headbands in my room.
★166: I have posters of her in my room
★167: I'm like the #2 Elsa fan!
★168: She guides me through life...
★169: Her story is amazing. It makes me get emotional
★170: I watch the old Mario cartoon
★171: She is the best character in all history.
★172: I love her too much... More than anyone else loves her, probably
★173: She's my best friend and sister. Not a girlfriend ok?
★174: As much as I love Daisy (sorta) and Peach, Rosie will always be #1.
★175: C'mon guys. 175 reasons. :P I can't stop drawing her!
★176: My phone is blue
★177: I have dozens of blue pencil cases.
★178: Rosie is the apple of my eye XD
★179: I may not be blonde, but I have a blonde wig ;P
★179: I wear it all the time
★180: I'm very calm and not hyper.. I hope if you realize how peaceful she is you'd know :P
★181: I HATE her haters more than anything else! Even if some of them are nice, I want them to just stop bugging me! It's rude.
★182: Through these past minutes I've been typing over 10 reasons.
★183: Rosie is the light of my day; the bright side.
★184: I just love Rosie. I could make a whole entire website filled with reasons.
★185: I always write stars in everything. My teacher gets sooo mad at me
★186: Nobody could ever make me stop loving her; she is my beautiful sister.
★187: If you don't like her just admit it.. I wont hate you c:
★188: I support all of my friends who support her
★190: She is inspirational.
★191: She is kind 
★192: The lumas are so precious<33
★193: R O S I E I S A M A Z I N G!
★194: All of my friends love Rosie.
★195: I support Rosie 900000000000000000000000%. Actually, more than that...
★196: I am the only one that realizes she loves cats. I love cats as well. 
★197: I sing songs about her.
★198: Back when I still knew my friend Sara we would always talk about her. But she moved now and I can't see her anymore.
★199: I care about everyone. 
★200: (200th reason!) My sis and her husband say that im her biggest fan!
★201: My eyes COULD have been blue...
★202: My hair COULD have been light blonde
★203: She is very shy. like me
★204: You say your her biggest fan? you wanna fight? Bring it on. 
★205: Check below. You say you have more reasons than me? SPILL IT OUT
★206: Not to mention i wear purple nail polish?
★207: Rosie's PURE GOLD
★208: My sister looks and acts like her
★209: I inspire people to like her.
★210: My sister is one of Peach's biggest fans!
★211: Baby Rosie is soooooooooooooooo adorable!
★212: She never annoys me.
★213: If I could give her an insult I'd say she sucks at being ugly
★214: I favorite all blingees of her (Except the anti ones -.-)
★215: I block ALL people that hate her from ALL websites.
★216: I save EVERY fanart/picture of her! (Unless it's hate, then I just ignore it.)
★217: I'm not mean or sassy about it.
★218: I watch Youtube videos of her 
★219: I have a telescope.
★220: NONE of my reasons are copied.
★221: i have a whole NOTEBOOK of drawings of her.
★222: i literally spend hours on making ascii art of her... I rarely do it because of how long it takes, But trust me, it's totally worth it.
★223: I once made a fan page of her but I lost all the info
★224: I make poems about her.
★225: I write about her.
★226: Im always thinking of reasons
★227: I never get bored while talking about her.
★228: She's amazingly special.
★229: She's brave.
★230: I am very glad that Nintendo made her. If they didn't, I'd be less happy and probably even not be as brave or independent.
★231: She's NOT emo!
★232: She's NOT fat!!!!!
★233: I love her cosplays! I have her wig and I'm saving up for the costume.
★234: I make fan stuff of her.
★235: I slept with her wig on before! But i cant do it again cuz It gets messed up..
★236: I don't fight with people about it.
★237: She can actually protect herself.
★238: Silver is better than gold.
★239: She's wise.
★240: I use stars with my reasons..
★241: She's smart.
★242: She's loyal.
★243: She is my role model.
★244: She is gentle.
★245: She's sweet.
★246: She's calm.
★247: I don't repeat reasons.
★248: I inspire people to like her.
★249: I am not friends with her haters.
★250: I play as her all the time!
★251: I put great reasons down, not fake ones or copies.
★252: She's patient.
★256: I love all lumas!
★257: I get REALLLYYYY disappointed when I see there's no apps of her for me to download...
★258: I see people who quit being the biggest Rosie fan because people are mean to them about it or something... I mean, jeez. Be strong and don't give up just bc ppl are mean... -.-
★259: Star bunnies are so cute!
★260: She'll always be in my profile picture. She'll never be out of it!
★261: She is set as my Google+ icon! (Not saying what my account is, it's private and only for me and my family/friends. Sorry..)
★262: She's also set as my YT icon, but I never use my YT account and I never make videos so you probably won't find me or anything..
★263: She's all over my tumblr!
★264: She's my Instagram profile picture!
★265: posers copy my reasons.
★266: I have even more reasons than anyone. Beat it, posers.
★267: It's not easy being a #1 fan..
★268: I let others think they can be the #1 fan as well, but when I really know that I'm the biggest fan ever!
★269: I love seeing really big Rosie fans. :)
★270: I have more Rosalina stamps than anyone else on here!
★271: I get REEEEEAAAALLLYYY mad when I see anti-Rosie websites!
★272: Ok, there's this anti-Rosalina page on FB, and I blocked it! I also made my friends block it on blingee and RL. Here it is: http://bln.gs/b/275lnj
★273: I like every single fan-page of Rosalina on Facebook! I literally have to dig in and find all those pages...
★274: My family knows im her biggest fan!
★275: I teach my friends about her! 
★276: I made a Facebook page of Rosalina!
★277: I don't tell all of my reasons 'cuz you don't need to know some of them. ^^
★278: I made a fan-website of her! Yeah, FAN-WEBSITE. Beat that, posers.
★279: I have blue slippers!
★280: I have a blue-flower decoration!
★281: I have blue hand sanitizer (Most people do lol)
★282: I have a bag and it's blue and has white stars on it.
★283: I'm a girl. There are way more girls that like Rosalina than guys.
★284: It's kinda funny when people say there a bigger fan than me when I have more reasons. Lol.
★285: Who cares if your the "first #1 fan to join Youtube/Blingee/DA or whatever? That doesn't make you the #1 fan. You need more reasons than that.
★286: Ok I may take some ascii art off of people's profile's, but why should it matter? If you dont want anyone to use it, DONT POST IT. I'm pretty sure you didn't make it yourself. I make my own sometimes but some of it's for me privately, So I don't post it. ._. Besides, it takes hours to do it!
★287: I don't steal art. Remember, being polite is one of the rules of being a number one fan!
★288: "Oh yeah guyzz Rosie herself said dat ima her number one fan! BEAT IT POZERS YEAH UHUH IM A BIGGER FAN DEN UUUU!!!" Not true. Rosalina doesn't have a Blingee. If she did, she would be ACTIVE and would never tell who her real biggest fan is. She knows it in her heart and would never say who it is. She knows it's me...
★289: Oh, you have over 1000 reasons? Prove it.
★290: I have more than one #1 fan logo.
★291: http://anti-rosalina.mforos.com/ THIS WEBSITE IS RETARDED! IT SUCKS BUTTHOLE. UGH IT MAKES ME SOIOOOOOOOOOOO MAD! FUNK THIS CRAPPING STUPID FRIKIN TERRIBLE SUCKISH WEBSITE!!! Sorry for being emotional.... but..... I am terribly offended. As a #1 fan, I will be polite and respectful, but I will not put up with this. These cowards know nothing about Rosalina. Blue stars are actually one something that Rosie likes, so if they hate her so much, why even put them as the background? ._. Get some common sense.
★292: I can never stop loving her. When ppl ask me why I love her so much I always say different things each time, because there are too many reasons for me to say them all at once. <3
★293: I am thankful for her. That's one of the many things I am thankful for on Thanksgiving. Rosalina. <3
★294: It's really annoying when people try to be her #1 fan when they don't even know anything about her.
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Rosalina is   almost... 

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✰Her I'm that other Rosalina fan your friends with(Rosalinafanforever) On a new account✰ I also Think your one of her biggest fans too I think we both are some do you agree.✰

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