I'm back!

Hey guys! Remember me? It's been a really long time, heh! I was like... what, 12 or 13 when I last used this account? Anyways, I'm back, around 4 years later! I think I'm gonna use this account mainly as a place to socialize, and less of a place to make blingees. Since it's been so long, I'll just list a little bit about myself.

Name: Abby

Age: 16 (but 17 in a week or two)
Grade: Highschool Junior

Likes: Drawing, painting, digital art, traditional art, singing in choir, reading, video games occasionally.

I'm still super nostalgic about Super Mario, heh.
I might remake my old OC's sometime, if I feel inspired to.

Anyways, if we were really close friends once upon a time (and even if we weren't), feel free to say hi! 

JUST A NOTE TO MY FRIENDS: In the event that I go offline and never see you guys again (which I hope to God doesn't happen) please know that every single one of the friends that I've made here has a special place in my heart. I'll love and cherish all of you forever, and I'll never forget those incredibly fun times we had together!

Old account bio starts here in case anyone wants some good ole' fashioned nostalgia:

----------------About Princess Amethyst:-------------------

Hi! My name is Amethyst, princess of ghostly galaxy and the boos. I wasnt there originally though, one of bowser's ships kidnapped me when i was one, but it crashed at ghostly galaxy. When I met Mario and Luigi, we didn't get along at first. Believe it or not, I even kidnapped Luigi, and Mario, Daisy, and Peach had to save him! Well, I was mad because he was vacuuming up the boos. But I was arguing with them when Bowser attacked with cannons, and the boos were trying to attack back, but they were losing by a lot. My family and my people have had a war with bowser since the 10th century! So anyways, after bowser's army left the city was in ruins, i even almost cried, and i guess u could tell i was gonna cry because mario felt bad and offered to help us. daisy, luigi, and peach were against helping me at first but when they saw the damage they agreed to help. I practice a little magic to keep in touch with the mushroom kingdom and my people. Pauline hates me to death for some reason, but im getting a hint that she just hates how creepy my home planet is. We fight a lot, and she makes a ton of very mean insults, like why did everyone forgive me for being a b!tch to luigi, but usually I just ignore her. And i would never tell them this, but i dont like wario and waluigi that much. But im nice to them anyways. King Boo is my adoptive uncle, he took me under his wing and basically saved me from starving, because I didn't know anything at first. Princess Laine of the cloud kingdom is my BFF, she is so nice! We talk all the time. Mimi is my other BFF.Shes a crazy drunk/party girl, but I like her all the same. I like Bea and Mara a lot too. They are my other bffs!! Recently, my friends Mara and Pink found my long-lost family. They rule a place called Boogalaxy.

Full title: Princess Amethyst Spiritus

Homeland: Boogalaxy, kidnapped by bowser  and dropped off at ghostly galaxy at age 5

Biggest enemy: her people had had a war with bowser since the 10th century

Weakness: will stop at nothing to protect her people

Strengths: practices a little magic, can whisper to spirits, subjects very loyal

So ya now Amethyst is staying at the mushroom kingdom, she is practicing portal magic to K.I.T with her people, and yeah.

King boo: adoptive uncle
Fiona: Mom
Louis: Dad

Daisy (awesome friend
Rosalina (awesome friend
Peach (awesome friend
Mario (friend
Luigi (friend
Bowser (arch-enemy
King Boo (friend/family
Waluigi (secretly disliked
Wario (secretly disliked
Laine (BFF :D she's so nice
Mara (awesome friend
Princess Ally (awesome friend
Crystal (awesome friend
Pink heart (awesome friend
Pauline: (enemy
Bra: (awesome friend
Spider: (awesome friend

Amethyst's pets: A mare named Onyx

Favorite playlist:




Mimi's profile:

HI!! My name is Mimi!!! Some call me a crazy chick!! Others call me mental mimi or whatever!!! I met Mario when he was looking for race tracks for MKW!!!! I may not be a princess, but I'm a real party-thrower! A party ain't a party till i'm there! WOOOO!!!!!!!! PARTY TONIGHT!!! Everyone (but Zelda, Cora, and my ex-boyfriends) is my friend!!!! I am staying in Peach's castle for a while with my bff Abigail!! I have orange hair and I wear orange-red! I have short hair! I am famous for being a crazy drunk/party girl!!! I am also the duke and duchess's daughter! I'm from Mushroom Gorge!! NO ONE IS A BIGGER PARTIER/DRINKER THEN ME!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!! *opens a bottle of Wakka juice* WAKKA JUICE IS THE BEST DRINK EVER! 

Names/nicknames: Mimi, Crazy Chick, Mental Mimi

Lives in: Mushroom kingdom

Weapon: Hammer

enemies: Zelda thinks im too crazy, AND I HATE MY COUSIN CORA BUT SHE THINKS WE'RE BFFS!!!

friends: Everyone's a friend of Me!!!!! But Mindy, Abigail, and Cece are my BFFs!!!

Cousins: Cora
Mom: Bess
Dad: Tommy


Bea's profile:

Hey peoples! My name is Bea! I love hair dye and neon colors soooo much! My natural hair color is black though. I like swimming and dubstep music a lot too! I am from mushroom gorge. I will look everywhere for adventure and fun. I am always loyal to a friend. People say that I am kinda like rainbow dash. My real name is Bianca. But I just HATE that name! I am not an alcoholic drink peoples! I found Abigail because she was riding her bike there and I bumped into her. I love my bike sooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!

Mom: Cindy
Dad: Patrick
Sister: Cora (boo)
Cousins: Mimi

Friendship status:
Peach: Good friend
Daisy: Great friend
Rosalina: Good friend
Pauline: Good friend
Mario: Good friend
Luigi: Good friend
Mara: Great friend
Mimi: Great friend
Bra: Great friend
Abigail: BFF
Bowser: Disliked
Waluigi: OK
Wario: OK
Laine: Great friend
Pinky: Good friend
Cathy: Great friend
Crystal: Great friend
Ally: Great friend
Cora: Stupid head

...M...Put this 
...I...On your profile
...D...If you are 
...N...A Midna 

...D...Put this
...A...On your profile
...I...If you are
...S...A fan
...Y...Of Daisy

...S...Put this
...A...On your profile
...M...If you are
...U...A fan
...S...Of Samus


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353 days ago
Hi and How are you and How is your day.


353 days ago
I am happy and good and my day is happy and good.

FunnyPrincess... says:

1554 days ago
Oh, thank you so much, I think no one said such things about my drawing;w; Just thank you so much^u^

FunnyPrincess... says:

1559 days ago
Here it is:
◘ http://bln.gs/b/294ope

FunnyPrincess... says:

1559 days ago
Oh, wow, thank you so much^///^ I really don't know what to say^u^' I'm just glad, that someone like it:)
And I will make a Blingee of one of my skechtes:D

FunnyPrincess... says:

1563 days ago
Well, I also draw the most time people (especially video game characters) and animals^^ I still have to train to draw background:P And well...I can't draw trees and horses XD
And mmh...I drew this:
◘ http://blingee.com/stamp/view/9114990-Toon-Zelda?query=Toon+Zelda&offset=3
But it's a bit older...From august last year^u^' But I could make a Blingee of one of my newer sketches, if you want:3

JustPeachyYay says:

1563 days ago
Yeah I need to remake my 3 mains OCs 
Mara was one of them I forgot the rest
But I made one named Shizuka she's replacing one of them

I'll be posting them here really soon but my drawings can be found on my DA OneshineyDay 

HannahJuly says:

1563 days ago
Ok, thank you very much xx

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