Happy Day to YOU!

May 1, 2011

Hi Friends,

   I have missed each and everyone of you a great deal.   I'm still not prepared to come back to blingee yet, but hope to be soon.

   It's a beautiful place, I know that..... and hopefully, soon, it will be home to me, again.

   Keep on Blinging, you all are doing wonderful


Love to All!


Hello Friends!

  Oh, I have not been such a good friend lately, have I?  I know I haven't, I'm sorry.

  One very dear friend once said to me "You do take care of your friends" and I have not been doing my job of taking care of my friends here.  I have missed all of you!

  On one sweet blingee today I saw the words "The heart has reasons, that Reason doesn't understand", how profound.  As I am not sure why I am feeling so lost, right now.

   I look at all the wonderful blingees, and do not have the confidence to even try to make a gorgeous blingee.  My brain is frozen, lol.

   Just know that I love you and I appreciate you and that I will be back to normal, whatever normal is... again very soon I feel sure.

Have a great day!

Hello Blingers,

  Yesterday I got my cast off my hand and it is doing great!  I went to physical rehab for it, and the therapist says I may not need any further appts., as she said "I can tell you were WORKING IT, even while it was in the cast" Oh yeah, baby, you know that's right.  

   I appreciate all of you for going through this journey with me.  It has been great to have friends to support me with all their loving, kind comments and of course, their Beautiful Blingees!

     Please continue to include Claudia-Mexi, Claudia in your prayers.  She has been a great inspiration for me and I will always be grateful for all that she has contributed.

Gentle, joyful Hugs,

 Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year with lots of beautiful blingees.  I haven't been making blingees so much with this "pain in the ****" cast on, ha.

Have enjoyed looking at all the gorgeous ones you guys have been doing though.

Love and appreciate all of you, you're AWESOME!!

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surgery went fine! I wiill peek in whhenever I can!  Love all of you annd appreciate your support!
HUGS sheila
Good Day Friends!
   Hope everyone is safe and warm and your heart is filled with love!  If something goes wrong, just ask yourself "will it MATTER five years from now"  sometimes, that keeps me grounded, lol.  

  Otherwise, I would allow the 'little things' to drive me nutzoid!  

   My birthday blingees are so beautiful, as well as the holiday ones, too.... and I thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart (hummm, I wonder why we don't say "from the top of my heart"  lol, as Jules would say  'only a teacher would say that' luvsya!)

Happy Holidays!


* * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * *

     Right hand scheduled for surgery 20th of December.  Looking forward to getting it over with, work with it, make it like new again.  I don't like the idea of them cutting my wrist, to get some part in there,  to use as cartlidge, ick.  I, so, would not make a good nurse, lol.  Thank goodness, some of you do, or gave of yourself to help someone heal.

    Won't be wrapping presents, maybe even not cooking Christmas Day feast....but I am sure, everything will work out just as it should; as that is the hands of someone much smarter than me.  

  Thank for all the stamp makers.... where we would be without them giving their time and effort for making them available?  THANK YOU!!
    Wishing you a great day with lots of smiles.

October 2nd, Sat. afternoon
Good Morning Angels!
  Oh, what a wonderful place to spread love and joy! I am so happy that our friend Claudia-Mexi has yet again emerged from her coma, and hopefully, will continue to battle this awful disease of Lupus!

   Everyone was so supportive and gracious to give their time to spread some much needed support and LOVE!

    What a wonderful place to BE, here in Blingee-land, where we can all unite and become one, to help out our friends! Now, that's SUPPORT! 

    All of you are so Awesome! Just LUVSYA!
   It is still a Wonderful World!

Wed. August 18  
This is an awesome place for supportive people who care enough to give me a piece of their hearts. I have never seen anything like it before. Thanks to all of you for having me here and everything you give to 'fill  up my bucket', love it!

Thursday, Aug 12
 Went to hand surgeon today, yep, two hand operations needed badly. Will mess up my blinging, lol
   Thank you for all of those concerned..appreciate your concern.  I 'may be' just rating and not commenting...that is, IF, I can keep my big mouth closed, lol.

  Hope your heart is filled with love and joy!

MRI Results 
 Had some MRI's done...and it's not carpal tunnel, it is severe osteoarthritis in my hands, great, referred to a hand surgeon.  This is not good. I need my hands and really need my job, as well.  I guess I will worry about it later, after I have talked to the surgeon.

  This is an awesome site, and lots to learn to do here.   I think I will learn as I go, so patience is important.

  Patience is important in my work, as I work with 4 year olds and at a Museum that offers Pre-K.  It is a very interesting and fun job to have.  Too bad it doesn't pay much, lol.

   My interests are children, gardening, animals, photography, reading and, of course, art.  

   I enjoy a simple life with lots of love from my favorite 'little person' - my grandson.  

     Always remember to appreciate those you love and care for, as they are precious and make your heart smile.

   Hope I can make new friends as I enter into the world of "Blingee" as it seems there are friends here for everyone.


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Joycieoh says:

3752 days ago
Wasn't sure  if  it was you or not lol.
Don't  think i ever saw a  pic  of  you.
Is this  thing  with  your throat  temporary? Haven't done  much singing myself but  i do when  i feel  like  it & can find the  time. ttys sweet lady, hugs!

tx_gal says:

3757 days ago
I too miss out on the times we had. We need to do it again. I am going to be moving into a downstairs apartment end of month and once settled will be in touch for us to begin meeting again. Its time we did...Love you!!

Joycieoh says:

4140 days ago
For you my friend

Joycieoh says:

4295 days ago

Joycieoh says:

4311 days ago
Hey lady, see u made it wooohoooo!
Yes T. is fine. They had a fire at the  building accross from  her about a week  or 2 ago...she set  off the fire alarms  & her son went  banging on doors to get everyone out. They saved alot  of  lives cause everyone was sleeping. Everyone got  out safe thank God, but  buiding  is  complete  loss. Voice getting any better? hope so!!!! Anxious to see what  u make here...have  fun! Hugs & kisses♥

claudine6 says:

4346 days ago

Joycieoh says:

4491 days ago
Hi Sheila, soooo glad to see  u  my friend!!! Thank you for the awesome  comments  on  my blingees. as  u can  see  i am  still at  it...also still go to SS  from time to time...do u?!? Sure  do  miss  u too!  are  your  classes  done  now or  u still at  it? Hope we can talk soon & catch  up  on things...hugs & kisses, ♥ Joycie

Joycieoh says:

4494 days ago
Happy New Year Sheila!!!

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