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ï'ṃ α ρɾøυḋ ṉïṉτεṉḋø øƒƒïсïαl øƒ τhε ṉïṉτεṉḋø ραģεṡ

Hi everybody its me Princess Daisy Princess of Sarasaland!

~Some of my quotes!

"Everyone says I`m the fairest of them all!"-Mario Party 3
"Are you just gonna let me win?"-Mario Golf:Toadstool
"Hey sweetie I`ll take that.Mmwa."-Mario Power Tennis
"You`ll know I`ll win-Mario Party 7
"Hi I`m Daisy!"-Mario Kart Double Dash!!
"You can do this!I just know you can!"-Mario Golf:Toadstool Tour
"Woo!Not too bad right?"-Mario Kart Double Dash!!
"Thats Right!"-Mario Party DS
"Yes,Daisy!"-Mario Kart Wii

Thanks for viewing my profile!

And here are some quick facts about me

Fav color:Orange
Quote:"Hi I`m Daisy!"
I am a Tomboy
Triats:Tomboy,cheerful,full of energy,bright,lively,unique,upbeat,go-getter,witty,a breath of freash air

These are my facts again,thanks for viewing bye!


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Luigi x Daisy
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PrincessDaisy... says:

3456 days ago
hey Daisy!! You sure do have a lot of people who worship you :) !!
I've actually made you a fan site, and PLEASE check it out, cos of course, you are the real Daisy after all.

number1prince... says:

3482 days ago
daisy,daisy,DAISYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!im your #1 ffan for ETERNITY!!!!(my account name is numberoneprincessdaisyfan!!!)IM LIKE YOUR CRAZIEST OBSESSED 4 LIFE FAN AND IT WILL NEVER CHANGE!!!IM THE #1 FAN DAISY,PLEASEE!!!!!!!!

sWEEtmiripink says:

3659 days ago
Daisy,can you put meh as your #1 fan on your profile?

sWEEtmiripink says:

3716 days ago
Wuts up Daisy?
I´m looking pics of you <3

sWEEtmiripink says:

3717 days ago
SWEETHEART ,You are considered as 1 of the LOVELIEST souls on BLINGEE. Once you've been selected you must chose 15 of the most BEAUTIFUL beings in your contact list; If you are awarded this distinction more than once, then you will know that you are EXCEPTIONALLY beautiful! Cut and paste this on your page of 15 beautiful friends you know LOVE U ♥ ♫

greenydaisy says:

3723 days ago
✿Hi Daisy it's me you're biggest #1 ultra mega super duper trega crazy obsessed fan! What's up? It's an honor talking to you Princess!✿

OfficialPrinc... says:

3733 days ago
♥Hiya!♥ :)

sWEEtmiripink says:

3735 days ago
But,Daisy.I'm your biggest fan,no?^^

Bcause you saw my resons.

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