and i don't want to mess this up. i don't want to push it too far

heyy everyone! im a loser with no life, haha just kidding. i have other things to do than this, i just prefer not to! lol. ok well leave a comment and trust meh, i'll read it!

Song of the day: just a kiss 

Rupaul says "if you can't love urself, how the heck u gonna love somebody else? can i get an amen up in here??"

So i have my own group called music is my LIFE :p. join if ya really love music. im the only one in it so far. hahaha. 

My own poems 
At times i think 
bein single is horrible 
but now i see 
y u left me 
because in the end 
you feel better 
being single ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I see her over there 
zits and other imperfections 
and she has been excluded 
for her imperfections 
so what? 
she isn't a model 
but she is perfect in her own way. 
so u need to see her for who she is. 
not her imperfections. 
i like to think its ok,
that everythings alright 
but its not 
and it never will be
we will never be the same 
we will never go back to that day 
when we were all right 
nobody knows you like i do 
nobody gets me like you do 
everyone sees us as the perfect two 
but we're just friends
how can that be? 
because for some reason you can't see 
im the one girl that won't use you
im the one girl that loves you 
like nobody else.
by: my awesome brother 
Pepsi Cola 
there once was a snake named Lola 
he liked to drink pepsi cola 
he drank too many 
lost all his pennies 
and had to give up his cola


no, i don't posses maagical powers. The closest thing i have to thatis my pillow pet unicorn named fluffy. 

no, i don't have a facebook, twitter, or myspace page. even though u probably think im cool enough to have a million followers. 

Yes i am related to the jolly green giant. no, i will not get u his autograph. 

yes, i am on other websites. no, i will not tell you what they are.  

Yes i have a Mr. Jingles. oh wait he just died. 

No i don't live at starbucks, therefore, get ur own freakin coffee!!! 

Yes i have a 12 Ft 4 boy friend!!! wait u actually belived tht?? 

No, im not addicted to the internet. wht r u talking about?? 

ya know wht, i refuse to answer tht question!!! 

Gawd u have stupid questions!!! 

I don't talk about religion. 

walkin the mile walkin the mile walkin the green mile. *coughs* hahaha 

haha. i made most of those up! hahaha!!!!!! 


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anders123 says:

3783 days ago
i am back!;)

anders123 says:

3783 days ago

anders123 says:

3783 days ago
hey i am on and i will be on for a lil bit but ur not on:(

anders123 says:

3784 days ago
do u like rock music?

anders123 says:

3784 days ago
hey lol I have wanted to be a ninja b4!!There is a commercial on tv that goes IM A NINJA, IM A FUNNY NINJA!!if u ever get on send me a comment!

Schoolgirl998 says:

3807 days ago
heyy people!! welcome to my profile!! leave a post and i'll get back to ya. if u like my song of the day or if u have any good ideas for the song of the day let me know!!!

RaNdOm103 says:

3828 days ago
Thnx For Accepting My Request!

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