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I "color" online and type quotes that have molded me and helped me because the people who said them have helped me more than they know. I am not ashamed of being a victim, I am proud of being a survivor. AliceIris

Security is when everything is settled, when nothing can happen to you; security is the denial of life. 
~Germaine Greer

"...years ago I said that war which may follow this one (World War II),
would be waged in the field of the world religions. It will be fought
largely with mental weapons and in the world of thought; it 
will involve also the emotional realm, from the standpoint of
idealistic fanaticism. This inherent fanaticism will fight against
the appearance of the coming world religion and spread
of esotericism...." ~Alice Bailey (Demonic Freemason)

Police ‘encouraged’ to hack more:

MySpace Is The Trojan Horse Of Internet Censorship:

The Pentagon admitted that they would engage in psychological warfare and cyber attacks on 'enemy' Internet websites in an attempt to shut them down. The fact that the NSA surveillance program spied on 5,000 Americans tells us that the enemy is the alternative media and that it will be targeted for elimination. Google has been ordered to turn over information about its users by a judge to the US government.

The White House is collecting and storing comments and videos placed on its social-networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube without notifying or asking the consent of the site users, a failure that appears to run counter to President Obama’s promise of a transparent government and his pledge to protect privacy on the Internet.

Marc Rotenberg, president of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, said the White House signaled that it would insist on open dealings with Internet users and, in fact, should feel obliged to disclose that it is collecting such information.

“The White House has not been adequately transparent, particularly on how it makes use of new social media techniques, such as this example,” he said. 



If you think it's safe for manager's and supervisor's to moniter you online or look you up before hiring you, read my documentation. My supervisor sexually harrassed me on the job (the Galt House). I filed a harasssment suit in 2007 and quit. Afterwards I  was cybertalked, stalked on myspace, playlist and youtube from 2007-2009.  When I went to Kool SMiles in July 2008, another manager monitered my yahoo and told my co-workers what I said, emailed, saved, even my amazon account. They "followed" me, monitered me and harrassed me about my account's online. When I emailed a friend and told them my cpu was hacked and my emails were monitered, they laid me off Kool Smiles where a doctor punched a 11 year old girl strapped down and they changed my social security so I wouldn't get paid of taxes in 2009. I quit working at KS in January 2009.
 If you are cyberstalked, the police will laugh in your face when they come to your door step. It doesn't even matter if you have paperwork. They wouldn't look at my paperwork and one of the police officer's who was a woman said "So, what do you want me to do about it"? And I told her the bitches who started this almost 3 years ago would end up dead and nothing...I cut my cpu off and stopped paying for service's and when I got a new cpu, the harrassment and deletion of my accounts continued. Because my myspace was deleted the day I confornted the woman and women who'd stolen picture's of other's to be on my friends list, Tom (myspace) the guy who makes icon's to whore teen girls deleted my profile and not only that I believe that Tom pays people to steal picture's of people just to keep his site looking popular. I know that no one has privacy online. I know that it you load yuor pic on a site its "gone" but I also know that my picture's were stolen even after I cancelled everything and simply loaded my pic's on my cpu.



Yesterday, I sent a report to a cybercrime website asking them why they didn't inform me about what I've researched & is now on my profile (as you see) & instead of replying to me with words, they gave me a number & sent the file to my current employer. My current employer called the owner of the company I work for & made harsh compliant's about my work. This is not the first time I have filed a report or shared a video like World Wide Wiretap & Fusion Centers & my employer made my work life hostile. First, my hours were cut & this is the hoiliday season so my employer is heartless. People in the town I live have made fun of me for emailing these site's. I have told these site's, magazine's, news reporters, radio stations, & companies that being violated, exploited & threatened has changed my life. I told my family & friend's I thought camera's were in my home & I told these people through email that I am still at the point in my life where I don't feel comfortable using the bathroom with the light on. These people know what being cyberstalked & stalked has done to me on a mental level. They know men called my home & masterbated & women called my home making rude comments. I left my employers at Kool Smiles after being in a hostile work environment, hearing women make comments about my personal life & my employer even cut my hours and tampered with my last check. Well, that wasn't enough for this company. They changed my social security so I wouldn't get paid of taxes right away forcing me to let my mother file me because I had bills to pay. I have proof that they knew my correct social & I have proof that they shorted my hours of out spite. The people who work for the IT team at your work place can do the same thing they have done & keep doing to me. A few months ago, a bellmen at The Galt House told me that my picture was in the front desk there & he even told me about an email I sent to the HR manager there.I kept walking away from being exploited & threatened & when Kool Smiles did something illegal & is probably a felony, I still walked away. I only filed reports online as proof that this has being going on for about 18 months now. Over 3 years really, because I left The Galt House in November of 2007. When I emailed these people telling them "I don't trust my internet provider" (AT&T), my service's were cut off. Watch World Wide Wiretap & Fusion Centers cause if I had known my right's or my lack of right's & if I had been informed that my emails would be monitered my most of the people in my town than I would have repsonded differently. I asked this site that I have listed why they couldn't tell me what I had to research. I called a site online Love Me_Love Me Not, and the woman told me that when someone tries to get help like me, they will be called paranoid & that the police will not help me until there is physical harm. She also said that it costs too much to investigate & or search a cpu when I could simply be a paranoid person. When the police came to my home the second & third time, the officer talked to her personal friend, my landlord longer than she talked to me. In fact, the police didn't even look at my documentation nor did they listen to my story. I started school in March of 2009, only to meet people I didn't know who "knew" me, what I listened to online, how many times I listened to it and what I said on every website. My teacher even quoted someone from one of the video's on illuminati project and when my classmate laughed at me, she told me it's alright to think out the box and that she too was a conspiracy theorist. I don't understand how I can email these cyber crime website's and say "I'm screaming for help" and then go to school the next day and hear men tell me I'm a bit dramatic. Understand the we are seeing commerical's on t.v that tell parents it's okay to give 7 year olds a laptop. I think that the media is suggesting that everyone on a home should have their own personal computer. But, why aren't they telling people the dangers of having a cpu that has built in spyware? They aren't telling us that some employer could develop a sickness and "follow" you online or psychologically torment your 7 year old. Imagine someone watching your child bathe. Imagine your child being me and telling you, her mother that she feels like camera's are in her home. I was a victim who was sexually harrassed and then was stalked and exploited. Why is it that I can be monitered and my emails can be read by my previous employers and no one can help me? Stalking site's have been advertised to me and when I recently started looking at The Children's Place, that store was been advertised to me. I am just a woman who has been violated and am screaming for help and also informing other women and men. The police steal picture's of children and then go and search for men to exploit on 20/20 so they can pretend to be hero's. Remember that. Know that your profile online can be private and put in another name and your employers and previous employer can have access to this. I don't know if I will be able to hold down my current job but, I know that if these people fire me, it'll be one more piece of documentation against them. People, not only have I been "followed" online through comments on Youtube, Blingee and my personal email but I have been made fun of for who I am, what I say and the blessing is that is everyone who I told about this over a year ago and now started to see that I am not JUST paranoid. Kool Smiles exploited me to the people in their office's in Kentucky, ATL and Lexington and Chicago, probably more. I told these people God works through me and they altered my work to make it appear as if I wasn't godly. These people have tried to hard to break me. A part of me accepts fate and destiny. I feel like someone did witch craft and my future and their fate appeared to them, which is why they tried to break me. These people blocked my email's to people because my friend's told me they didn't get my emails about hacking and mail bombing. Everytime I opened an email account and filed a report, my accounts were deleted and I was harrassed. If I can't have access to their accounts, why am I being exploited? I live in a small town with people who are bored with Jerry Springer and every website I've been to knows this. The internet is like a spider web linking you to every site you're on. There are people who have many user names and passwords. I used a cpu at a public library and even used a brand new cpu and my accounts were still tampered with. 

The National Security Agency is building huge new storage facilities to store the unconstitutionally gained data on the American people’s telephone calls and Internet traffic permanently, including new buildings in suburban Salt Lake City, Utah, and San Antonio, Texas.

The NSA has been keeping permanent records of all American’s telephone call habits and Internet traffic since shortly after September 11, 2001, according to major news reports, without the constitutionally required

It’s every schoolboy’s dream: an easy way of looking through walls to spy on neighbors, monitor siblings, and keep tabs on the sweet jar. And now a dream no longer. Researchers at the University of Utah say that the way radio signals vary in a wireless network can reveal the movement of people behind closed doors.
Joey Wilson and Neal Patwari have developed a technique called variance-based radio tomographic imaging that processes the signals to reveal signs of movement. They’ve even tested the idea with a 34-node wireless network using the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless protocol, the protocol for personal area networks employed by home automation services such as ZigBee.
The basic idea is straightforward. The signal strength at any point in a network is the sum of all the paths the radio waves can take to get to the receiver. Any change in the volume of space through which the signals pass, for example caused by the movement of a person, makes the signal strength vary. So by “interrogating” this volume of space with many signals, picked up by multiple receivers, it is possible to build up a picture of the movement within it. 

*Internet Security Software Company Says 9/11 Searches Infected with Malware: Kurt Nimmo 9-14-2009

Free exchange of information, according to the Pentagon, is a threat. “The Pentagon’s Information Operations Roadmap is blunt about the fact that an internet, with the potential for free speech, is in direct opposition to their goals. The internet needs to be dealt with as if it were an enemy ‘weapons system,’” writes Brent Jessop. “It should come as no surprise that the Pentagon would aggressively attack the ‘information highway’ in their attempt to achieve dominance in information warfare. Donald Rumsfeld’s involvement in the Project for a New American Century sheds more light on the need and desire to control information.” The PNAC document, Rebuilding America’s Defenses, states: “It is now commonly understood that information and other new technologies… are creating a dynamic that may threaten America’s ability to exercise its dominant military power.”

Last year, according to Wired, the U.S. Special Operations Command suggested “clandestinely recruiting or hiring prominent bloggers” to fight against the enemy. The 2006 report for the Joint Special Operations University, “Blogs and Military Information Strategy,” suggested co-opting bloggers, or even putting them on the payroll. “Hiring a block of bloggers to verbally attack a specific person or promote a specific message may be worth considering,” James Kinniburgh and Dororthy Denning wrote.

The effort was a follow-up to a Pentagon program that worked “with a carefully culled list of military analysts, bloggers, and others who can be counted on to parrot the Bush Administration’s line on national security issues,” Ken Silverstein wrote for Harpers.
Earlier this year, the Department of Homeland Security actively recruited hackers who “think like the bad guy,” National Terror Alert reported.
Considering the above, it is not a stretch to conclude that the Pentagon would infect 9/11 searches with malware. Once again, cui bono – the principle that probable responsibility for an act or event lies with one having something to gain — comes into play.

Big Brother Is Watching Your Blackberry
Thank you for your message to the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC). Again, we are very sorry that you have endured so much emotional pain and fear of physical injury because of the actions of a cyberstalker. Cyberstalking is a terrifying and dangerous crime. We hope that soon you can live again without the constant threat of harm. The OVC Web site,, has information for victims of crime, including information about cyberstalking. OVC has links to different organizations that offer assistance to people being harassed or stalked on the Internet. The following organizations may be of service to you: 


WiredSafety We hope this information has been helpful to you. the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, OVC's Information Clearinghouse, at 1-800-851-3420. 

IC3 Complaint: I0905010742003042 
Case ID: 0501091434 
IC3 Complaint: I0904300858047202 
IC3 Complaint: I0904282138282292 
IC3 Complaint: I0904271121366622 
IC3 Complaint: I0904270919353142 
IC3 Complaint: I0904270818521362 

76% of all women killed by partners were stalked prior to their demise. 
130,000 victims of stalking were fired because of stalking activities perpetrated against them. 
 Ten most common mistakes that stalking victims make: The following list is from the book Understanding-and Surviving-America's Stalking Epidemic by Linden Gross. Not listening to your intuition. You need to keep your internal radar tuned to pick up signals that something might be wrong. Letting someone down easy, instead of saying a definitive NO if you’re not interested in a relationship. Trying to be nice can lead a potentially obsessive suitor to hear what he or she wants instead of the message that you’re not interested. Ignoring the early warning signs that annoying attention might escalate into dangerous harassment and pursuit. Responding to a stalker in any way, shape, or form. That means not acceding to your stalkers demands even once he or she has introduced threats. Trying to reason or bargain with a stalker. Stalking is like a long rape. Seeking a restraining or protective order. All too often, this one act propels stalkers to act violently. Still tempted to get that piece of paper? Expecting police to solve your problem and make it go away. Victims have to take 100 percent responsibility for their dealing with the situation. Taking inadequate privacy and safety precautions. Neglecting to enlist the support of family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, therapists and other victims. It may be tough to admit that you’re being stalked, but it’s not your fault. Learn how to gather the people who will constitute your first line of defense. Ignoring their emotional needs during and after a stalking. Recognizing someone as a stalker is quite impossible. They do not look like monsters. Many can initially appear quite charming, while others seem awkward and socially inept. Stalkers have higher intelligence than other criminals (Hall, 1998; Meloy & Gothard, 1995) Axis I disorders are evidenced as substance abuse, mood disorders, sexual dysfunction or schizophrenia. 














MySpace Is The Trojan Horse Of Internet Censorship
Media elite's last gasp effort to save crumbling empire

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison | March 16 2006

MySpace isn't cool, it isn't hip and it isn't trendy. It represents a cyber trojan horse and the media elite's last gasp effort to reclaim control of the Internet and sink it with a stranglehold of regulation, control and censorship.

Since Rupert Murdoch's $580 Million acquisition of MySpace in July 2005, it has come from total obscurity to now being the 8th most visited website in the world, receiving half as many page hits as Google, despite the fact that on first appearance it looks like a 5-year-old's picture scrap and scribble book.MySpace is the new mobile phone. If you don't have a MySpace account then you belong to some kind of culturally shunned underclass.What most of the trendy wendy's remain blissfully unaware of is the fact that MySpace is Rupert Murdoch's battle axe for shaping a future Internet environment whereby electronic dissent, whether it be against corporations or government, will not tolerated and freedom of e-speech will cease to exist.MySpace has been caught shutting down blogs critical of itself and other Murdoch owned companies. They even had the audacity to censor links to completely different websites when clicking through for MySpace. When 600 MySpace users complained, MySpace deleted the blog forum that the complaints were posted on. Taking their inspiration from Communist China, MySpace regularly uses blanket censorship to block out words like 'God'.Earlier this week Rupert Murdoch sounded the death knell for conventional forms of media in stating that the media elite were losing their monopoly to the rapid and free spread of new communication technologies. Murdoch stressed the need to regain control of these outlets in order to prevent the establishment media empire from crumbling.
MySpace is Rupert Murdoch's trojan horse for destroying free speech on the Internet. It is a foundational keystone of the first wave of the state's backlash to the damage that a free and open Internet has done to their organs of propaganda. By firstly making it cool, trendy and culturally elite for millions to flock to establishment controlled Internet backbones like MySpace, Murdoch is preparing the groundwork for the day when it will stop being voluntary and become mandatory to use government and corporate monopoly controlled Internet hubs.
The end game is a system similar to or worse than China, whereby no websites even mildly critical of the government will be authorized.
The second wave of destroying freedom of speech online will simply attempt to price people out of using the conventional Internet and force people over to Internet 2, a state regulated hub where permission will need to be obtained directly from an FCC or government bureau to set up a website.
The original Internet will then be turned into a mass surveillance database and marketing tool. The Nation magazine reported, "Verizon, Comcast, Bell South and other communications giants are developing strategies that would track and store information on our every move in cyberspace in a vast data-collection and marketing system, the scope of which could rival the National Security Agency. According to white papers now being circulated in the cable, telephone and telecommunications industries, those with the deepest pockets--corporations, special-interest groups and major advertisers--would get preferred treatment. Content from these providers would have first priority on our computer and television screens, while information seen as undesirable, such as peer-to-peer communications, could be relegated to a slow lane or simply shut out."
The original Internet will deliberately be subject to crash upon crash until it becomes a useless carcass of overpriced trash and its reputation will be defiled by the TV and media barons cashing in on the perfectly streamlined Internet 2, the free for all network that just requires you to thumbscan in order to log on! Those with a security grading below yellow on their national ID card will unfortunately be refused access. Websites that carry hate speech (ones that talk about government corruption) will be censored for the betterment of society.
For the aspiring dictator, the Internet is a dangerous tool that has been seized by the enemy. We have come a long way since 1969, when the ARPANET was created solely for US government use. The Internet is freedom's best friend and the bane of control freaks. Its eradication is one of the short term goals of those that seek to centralize power and subjugate the world under a global surveillance panopticon prison. 
Rupert Murdoch's MySpace and its ceaseless promotion by the establishment media as the best thing since sliced bread is part of this movement. In saying all this we do encourage everyone to set up a MySpace account, but only if you're going to use it to bash MySpace, Rupert Murdoch and copy and paste this article right at the top of the page! See how long it is before your account is terminated.


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ALICE! I found you! xxx do you remember me? I hope I can find you on facebook :) I love your art.. I still love it.. :) I hope to see more creative great things! I hope you are well, merry christmas!

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I no longer used AliceIris711; My new account is The Art of Happiness

Facts & Articles on Blue Beam Project, Mental rape and torture/electronic assault with direct energy weapons and microwave burn technology

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I like rainbows, flowers and sunshine. If you're into dark goth and bloody babies, do not add me! I've been through a lot. I've been through so much but, I'm not into dark shit. I think art work relfects your soul and is a part of you. Each person gets their imagination from experience and its a part of your soul. 

And if you have ___666 in your name...I won't add you. Some ppl draw shit on here that makes you think "wtf have you been through and be clear about it."

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Thank You so very much for you wonderful words:') It means a lot to me that my friends like my works.I might be only 15 but my love for art knows no limits^^ I admire your talent ;) I hope you have a beautiful day♥ Stay blessed:D

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Hello there :)
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Vykie ;)

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