hey everyone!

thanks for visiting my profile! ENJOY YOUR STAY OR GO TO SLEEP! (lol,jk,jk) you shouldn't have done that~

Current residence:seaside,oregon....oh yeah,right next too the ocean peeps. :D

also catch me and chat with me on

deviantart: http://crystalgirl227.deviantart.com/

youtube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNYO3ZUki3x0VVbu_RufMMw

info of me:


nickname:princess(by my father who i no longer have)

fave animes:SOUL EATER!!!!! pokemon too

fave color:purple

likes:SYMMETRY!(i blame kid from soul eater)i also love CreepyPasta. AND LEGEND OF ZELDA!! XP

dislikes:asymmetrical things.lol

rps:soul eater or any anime,lady and the tramp,

I like CreepyPasta now. (if ya don't know what it is,ya GOTTA look it up. XD) 

Fave music~ I'm in to rock,techno,and contry music.

Fave song: I'm in love (with a killer)

BEN:she only likes the version of the song with the models of me and Jeff in it. *smirk*


Jeff: O_O

Fave soul eater characters~ DTK,Soul Evans--
Me:SORRY! >.< 
back to the list~Maka Albarn,Black Star,Mifune,Eruka Frog,Medusa,Crona.

Fave CreepyPastas~Jeff the killer,BEN Drowned,Eyeless Jack,Laughing Jack,Masky,Hoodie.

❒ Taken 
✓ Dating a fictional character that doesn't exist(Jeff the killer/BEN Drowned.. yeah,i'm being fought over by a serial killer and a little perv. XD)

FaVe QuOtEs~

YoU ShOuLd'Nt HaVe DoNe ThAt~ BEN Drowned

Go To SlEeP~Jeff the killer

YoU'vE mEt WiTh A tErRiBlE fAtE,HaVeN't YoU?~BEN drowned


----[]--- ρυт тнιѕ
----[]--- ση уσυя
----[]--- ραgє
[][][][][]- ιƒ уσυя
----[]--- ησт ємвαяяαѕє∂
----[]--- тσ тєℓℓ
----[]--- σтнєяѕ тнαт
----[]--- уσυ'яє α
----[]--- Cняιѕтιαη

now for something totally random~

LALALALALALA sing a happy song~XD


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268 days ago

Hi and How are you and How is your day.



268 days ago

I am happy and good and my day is happy and good.


bitani49 says:

2458 days ago
I know right? Or like when your parents force you to socialize when you don't freaking want to! ugh D,x

bitani49 says:

2458 days ago
oh hahaha xD Meh I'm already ready xD But I still don't want to go out :/ I'm cold >_>

bitani49 says:

2458 days ago
That's cool :) I wish my grandparents had done that :/ I'm a self taught artist as well :) But at the university I had to take a semester (along with my career mates) of comic class :D So yeah xD but it wasn't very helpsful though^^

bitani49 says:

2458 days ago
That's cool :) You're not goig out or doing anything special for new years? I'm finishing up my makeup to go to an aunt's house x___x I don't wanna go since its going to be outside and its really cold D,x Oh that's cool! I took a comic class last semester :D We did a Dia de los Muertos comic :) 

bitani49 says:

2458 days ago
hehe I'll make sure to check it out later xD So what you doing right now buddy? Happy almost new years! xD 

bitani49 says:

2458 days ago
sorry for not replying, I was cleaning x___x

hahaha ok then I'll trust you on that one xD I won't watch the video lol Actually, I don't really like watching the official music videos of songs xD Sometimes they are either too weird or too pornographic! xD I've given myself some good scares with those hahaha

I know me too, but the thing is that it isn't a normal virus, its actually an adware and it is very difficult to remove by an anti virus :/  which is what happened with my computer

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