Percy Jackson, harry potter, the hardy boys 
i love the movies and books mostly books i am a book worm. i love dragons
i love music (black vail brides, linkin park, 1D, big time rush, owl city, mitchel musso, all time low, green day)

Stephen King says, and I quote "the real difference [between Rowling and Meyer] is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer, and Stephenie Meyer can't write worth a darn. She's not very good." 
"A dream inspired me to write Twilight." - Stephenie Meyer 
"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live" - Albus Dumbledore 
Dumbledore has spoken. 
Deαr Twilight,
Our Chαrlie works with drαgons - yours is α bαd pαrent.
Our Bellα is α psychotic fighter - your Bellα couldn’t fight her wαy out of α pαper bαg.
Our Jαmes wαs α Mαrαuder - yours wαs some creepy guy.
Our Alice still loves her son even though she’s lost her mind - yours is αn overly preppy irritαting child.
Our Blαcks αre α complicαted fαmily wαrring between them over the rights of good αnd evil - yours αre two idiots who think they know everything.
Our Robert Pαttinson is good, loyαl, mαn who got murdered by Voldemort - yours spαrkled in the sun
Our werewolf died trying to creαte α better world for his son to live in - yours fought over α girl who wαs αlreαdy tαken
The people who wαnt you to stop steαling our nαmes

birthdays for actors and singers

June 9 johnny Depp

July 2 Ashley tisdale

July 8 jaden smith

July 9 Mitchel Musso 

July 16 James maslow

July 22 Selena Gomez

August 5 Olivia Holt

august 15 Carlos Pena, Jr.

august 29 Liam Payne

September 28 hilary duff

September 13 Niall horan

September 14 Logan Henderson

September 22 tom felton

September 27 Avril Lavigne

October 12 josh hutcherson

October 18 zac efron

February 10 Emma Roberts

February 1 harry styles

December 24 Louis tomlinson

December 26 Andy Sixx 

January 12 zayn malik

January 11 Cody Simpson

January 13 Orlando bloom 

January 19 Logan lerman

march 1 Justin bieber

November 2 Kendall Schmidt

November 18 Jake Abel 

_♥_♥___♥_ ♥_  put this                   
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__♥ ____♥__  page if
___♥___♥___  you love
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_♥ Draco  ♥_ on your     
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_♥_hermione _♥_ on your
__♥ _____♥__  page if
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_____♥ ____

i went to "rain" it was awesome loved it


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Hooolaa graaciias por aseptar mii solicitud
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I'm fine thank you 

marianne68 says:

3458 days ago
Hello !
 How are you ? 

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3458 days ago
hey no prob!:)
is it a Pomeranian? 

marianne68 says:

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okey :)

What's your name ? 

lousei says:

3464 days ago
Thank you for your gift i love it , and this is for You.
An early Valentine `s day card for you Friend. COPY AND PASTE IN THE BROWSER!

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New Competition : { } 

Hope to see you enter! ♥

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