Mathilda Alster

Mathilda is the only female member of the Barthez Battalion. She is a quite, good natured girl who lacks confidence, and it is shown she fears her coach Barthez. She was taught to believe that you must do anything to win a Beyblade match by her coach, but discovers that it's how you play that matters. Mathilda looks up to Miguel as their leader and shows respect for him. While she is generally quiet and has a mousy voice during the show, she put her all into her Beyblade matches. Mathilda's bitbeast is Pierce Hedgehog. Her Beyblade was however destroyed when Coach Barthez decided to destroy it during her Beyblade match against Daichi. Her attack is Poison Needle, and her Beyblade still is a combination of Attack, Defence and Endurance. During her Beyblade matches, when she launches her Poison Needle, she seems to grow butterfly wings, despite the fact that her bitbeast takes the form of a hedgehog. 

The unofficial little sister of their team. Though Mathilda questioned Coach Barthez, she still followed his orders due to fear. She fears Barthez the most out of her team mates. However she started thinking on her own after Miguel and the others started standing up to Barthez. Even going as far as firing him. 

She looks like a fairy when she calls her bitbeast , her blade is Pierce Hedgehog and as you might have guessed, her bit-beast is a hedgehog and it’s a yellow one. She fears Barthez most of them all, finding there was something wrong with him right away, but being afraid stand up against him. Her fear is reflected in the blind way she follows Barthez’s orders, like when she let her blade exploded just to avoid to lose and in the end that really broke her heart but she did it because she was afraid of what would happen if she didn’t do it. 


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hey   u  must  be  a  beyblade fan

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