sumy123's Groups

  • ~hello♥kitty~


    565 Members

    why join my group?ill poke u wit a pickle if u dont XD be random have funn!!!

  • ♥ Anime Lovers FC ♥

    ♥ Anime Lovers ...

    1256 Members

    A place for all anime fans

  • anime lovers

    anime lovers

    8403 Members

    Any Anime Luvers is allowed =D

  • Spongebob


    304 Members

    Join this group if your a spongebob squarepants fan . who live in a pineapple under th...

  • Blingee


    13836 Members

    The Official Blingee Group. A place for all Blingee users to hang out.

  • Twilight Fans

    Twilight Fans

    1507 Members

    For people who love the twilight saga and the new moive coming out in November 21, 2008

  • Dog Lovers

    Dog Lovers

    438 Members

    Here's a group for all those obessive dog lovers!:)

  • The 60s Club!

    The 60s Club!

    31 Members

    Welcome to the 60s club! A place to all those fans of the 60's music, fashion, life ...

  • The Tsundere Group!!

    The Tsundere Gr...

    34 Members

    If you like Zero no Tsukaima & Shakugan no Shana,Hayate no Gotoku, Toradora! someome in...

  • Fun Blingee Group

    Fun Blingee Group

    5991 Members

    Come Here For Fun,Meet New Friends, Competitions,Blingees, And Chat!

  • StarDollies


    4 Members

    Well if you love stardoll then i spose you should join this group :D

  • Portraits & Interiors

    Portraits &...

    9 Members

    Be cool be decent enhance your style!!

  • Creative Creations

    Creative Creations

    17 Members

    Creative Creations is a group that is dedicated to those who love to make artistic and ...

  • Artistic Blingee

    Artistic Blingee

    86 Members

    Concorsi per Blingee artistici... Divertiamoci insieme con varie gare e facciamo nuove...

  • Yuki and kaname

    Yuki and kaname

    31 Members

    a yuki and kaname group. After seeing the latest chapter of vk i have to say this coupl...

  • kaname & yuki

    kaname & yuki

    77 Members

    Yume group for kaname and yuki fans! I love kaname and yuki, the couple is in my favo...

  • Kamisama Hajimemashita ! ~

    Kamisama Hajime...

    39 Members

    Hello,I created this group for the awesome,cute,beautiful anime kamisama hajimemashita ...

  • Fantasy land blingees

    Fantasy land bl...

    2697 Members

    Dragons, pixies, fairies wizards. For all who love the beautiful artwork of fantasy and...

  • Default_group_image

    Hrvatska - Croa...

    9 Members

    Hrvatska - Croacia - Croatia

  • M@NG@ 4e!!!!!!!

    M@NG@ 4e!!!!!!!

    274 Members

    questo gruppo è stato creato x le xsone a cui piacciono i manga...cioè tti!!!magari!!!X...

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