November 23,12011

  I will not write too much tonight but will share my experiences since my surgery.. It has been a long time, I have not had a computer. Of course I do now.. Love to all Julie/Jules

       ****************************************************** have been away for a long time. I guess life caught up with me for awhile. I visited my brother his wife and my son and his wife in Florida. I house sat a dog, a cat, and 2 teen age boys for a week and then visited my daughter in California . I have alot of catching up to do own here. I am in process of writing a novel and have completed 8 childrens books, looking for illistrator. Most importantly my father is still alive and strong. I am with him often. My mother gets weaker, they are all in God's hands. My brain surgery for my parkinsons will take place at the IU med center in Indianapolis,In. on June 8th. Wish me luck but please hold me in your prayers. I want to feel all of your prayers on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. I will be in touch with all of  you my dear friends, as I try to catch up and as I am forced to heal.I hope all of you have shared in good fortune these past few months. Julie/Jules pouy*********************************************************************************************************************************************************** 
March 2011. In just 2 weeks , my Aunt had offered me her condo to rent, very cheaply.So I moved, unpacked and have settled in my new home. Two good friends of mine have given me a car, not a dream car,but it will get me around to store,etc. My medicaid and disability have both been approved. My family and friends have been so good to me. God has blessed me so much!!!!! I am so very thank full. I am so happy to have many good friends who love to get lost in blingee world , as I do. I have missed all of you and am ready to see what I have missed!!  Jules(Whitediamond)

I have been approved to receive social security benefits. I do. I lasted in Nursing for 11 years with the disease. I plan to have a wonderful summer with all of my family  and  friends, here and in Florida. During which time I will psych myself up for a procedure called deep brain stimulation. It is suppossed to reduce parkinson effects by 75-95 %. I am single and am experiencing many changes alone. I look forward to seeing sll of your blingees and reading all of your comments!! Do not worry about me I have been blessed with many wonderful friends and family.Please pray my medicaid health insurance goes through, because my pills are about $1000.00 !  When I come up with a date for my surgery I will post it for some much needed prayers.Thank--you all for the joy you put in my heart!!! Happy Valentines day!!! 

Julie or Jules

***$$$!!!!!*****$$$$:) :) :) :):)

Wishing all my dear friends a blessed new year. We all have our own mountains to climb, but always remember you have God on one side and your  blingee soul mates on the other. Lets pray for peace, health, family, wealth and success in  obtaining serenity, love and walking down that mountain with a big smile on our faces for this new year!!!! 

December 7,2010
I have as of 2 weeks ago applied for disability, due to my parkinsons. Please know I enjoy blinging with all of you. I have made many new friends!!  I pray for all of you for health and prosperity. Prosperity can come in many ways. What you are greatfull for is a form of prosperity. I am rich with God, my family and friends like you. Blessed Christmas!!

p.s. I am having great difficulty rating flower lovers group! Is anyone else?? Any suggestions!!??? 

Happy Holidays to all!! God and I fixed this !! I am so thankful to be able to express my self freely with all of my blingee friends!! I had a great time with my family. Although they have been divorced for 40 years, both of my parents were present. My father looked great!! Just alittle skinny! Talked to my nephew , who is in Iraq. Glad to be back. My parkinsons had about done me in. I have quit    
being a nurse after 25 yrs. I am applying for disability. I will also have brain surgery, early spring to help decrease my symptoms.Say some prayers for me please. My brother and 2 daughters and a special aunt are all willing to help me. Gotta run and check out all the blinges, that you , my special friends have made. xoxoxoxo


Nov. 18th, 2010
  It seems like a long time that I have been able to make blingees. Doing blingees is serenity and peace for me. I have trouble with my computer and hopefully it will work for me. My Father is still living and is looking forward to thanksgiving. This will be the last one with my father. My Dad taught me how to have fun and how to listen to the animals. How to live positively. Everyone of my friends fall in love with my Dad. If there were more people in the world  like him I do believe we  would all be smiling!!! I look forward to seeing all of your new blingees!! Jewels 


Nov. 6th, 2010

Hello to all of my soul friends. I have not been doing very many blingees or voting. Family must come first. I have been spending as much time as we have left with my father, who has been battling cancer for the last three years. The battle is almost over. I have learned courage, strength and have witnessed no self pity. As of this minute if you should ask my father how he is doing he will answer, "Fantastic!!"I lovee him and will miss him. I am sure you all have experienced a loss such as I am about to. Thank you   for sharing all of your beautiful blingees and kind comments with me. You all make my heart sing and bring a smile to my face. 

Oct, 3 2010
    I hope all is well with my dear friends. Making blingees is a form of escape and fantasy for me. You who are around 50 yrs old and have health conditions, do you not still want to live life as passonitly as possible? Do you still want to make each day count and live for the moment????? I have found that looking to the future causes fear and fear can ruin this great day!!! I am working on this do hard. In my broken body I have a strong , young, unbroken spirit and mind and many dreams of adventure yet to fulfeel!!  I hope many can understand what I am saying. Love and peace to sll of you beautiful souls.

 Sept, 25th. 2010 
  A very big thank you to all of my new friends who have view my blingees and have made many nice comments. I would love to thank you all personally but I cannot because your profiles are private. But I want to tell you "Thank you , so much" 
God Bless Peace and good health to all of you. 

Sept. 7, 2010
 Thank you to all who prayed for my grand daughter. She is recovering fairly well. She has had some painful events but she always smiles soon after!!! She is such a god send. My niece had a beautiful wedding. I was able to share the joy with both of my parents and my only brother. My father is dying of colon cancer and my mother resides in a nursing home. We were all able to travel together for a 10 hour one way trip. Plus they have been divorced for over 50 years. !!!! Everyone was very happy. Such beautiful memories I have now in my heart. 
I also known as Jewels or Julie. I live in Indiana , United States. I live life passionatly. I have enjoyed many good times with many well kept friends and look fosrward to my encounters with my new friends too. If you are reading this , it could soon be you. Making blingee's is very relaxing for me and a form of serinity. I enjoy being creative and the peace I feel while creating them. It is fun to see them transform. I have parkinsons disease and if any of you also suffer from this I would love to respond with you.   

July 17, 2010

    I want to thank all of my new friends for their kind and wonderful comments you have sent to me. I am 10 years with parkinsons disease, so it is very hard for me to type. I am very slow and shakey. I love to make blingees , they help me relax and I enjoy it when they take on a life of their own. It is so fasinating to see an idea turn into its own picture.  

July 31st---Haven't replied to my good friends. Out of state with my family for a wedding. Miss all of you and your wonderful blingees!!

August 6th. I see I have many new friends. We are all connected by a very special person. I thank all of you who visited my profile and made  such kind and wonderful comments. I hope to get to know all of you better. 

Aug 12, 2010
For SuSi 1959,
    Thank you for all the time you spent on my blingees. Yes, you gave me many  golds.  I was unable to post a comment on your profile. So I will do it here. Your new friend, Jewels 
For SuSi 1959, 


August 16th, 2010
  Too all of my wonderful friends. I have not been on blingeee much. I have had family visit  and the pretty little girl in my last blingee, "Pray for me", is my youngest grand-daughter. She is to have a major surgery on August , 25th. I have been with my daughter and her alot also. God, is good and I know she will be well, prayers always help!!! I miss all of you and hope to look at your beautiful blingees as soon as life slows down. hugs and kisses ,Julie

August 27th, 2010

   To all of my special friends that prayed for my youngest grand-daughter, I want thank you with all of my heart. Her surgery was yesterday and she is doing well. Doctors are pleased and are telling us everything went perfect. We saw a hint of her beautiful smile last nite.  hugs and kisses , Julie **********t**********************************************


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joyful226 says:

4080 days ago For you may you have a Wonderful Valentine's Day. Hugs Connie

michelle1234oi says:

4399 days ago
нαvє α grєατ ωєєкєท∂ мy sωєєτ ƒriєท∂!
...( =';'=)........

joyful226 says:

4447 days ago For you dear. Wondering how you are doing? Keeping you in my prayers.. Love hugs and prayers.. Connie

joyful226 says:

4518 days ago For you my sweet friend. Hugs Connie

Marget71 says:

4526 days ago
Thank you too for your kind comments,have a nice day :)

beba_zo says:

4677 days ago

beba_zo says:

4680 days ago
Hello my dear Jules i hope your well my sweet friend. You are still in my prayers and i cant wait until your 3 weeks are up and i hear your good news that all is well. Have a wonderful thursday my sweet friend and a wonderful weekend. Love ya always you friend Toula xxxx

beba_zo says:

4683 days ago
For you my sweetie

Love you Toula xxxx

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