Hug Me

Hug Me
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This just reminds me of a desperation of needing to be touched. We all need human contact. No I'm not talking about sex exactly. I'm talking about holding someone's hand, getting a pat on the shoulder, someone running their hand through your hair, someone giving you a meaningful hug, someone lightly touching your hand, someone tickling you, and the list goes on. Otherwise, we feel uncared about and alone. We may feel that way anyway...but there's always a reason for it. Often enough one of the reasons of feeling lonely, looked down upon, hated, uncared about, etc. is how most people react when we're around and the way we're generally treated by others. Some people say they don care bout how others treat them or what others may say to them...but that can only be true to a certain extent whether we know it or not, cuz we're all human. We're not perfect. We all have our more tender subjects that when pushed or brought up, we may have a more sensitive reaction to than if it was something else.
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