Failure (To Me...For Me)

Failure (To Me...For Me)
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Sometimes, success is the best revenge. I say sometimes because you could be a doctor or have a grad school diploma and not be truly loved or have happiness in your life. Traveling is nothing if you are with someone you don't love or think of the other person and if you are married and travel and have threesomes and if you take sex enhancements or X pills to "get off" on your wife or husband or if you share your spouse....that's you but failure to me is not having happieness within, love within, God within and its not having a conscience...failure to me is knocking someone who could be easily knocked down for nothing, for a laugh or to step up in life. Failure most times is fitting in with the wrong crowd and failure is not learning your lesson. If you get off on making someone's life harder than it is, you are miserable and ungodly. Faliure is not searching for more in life. Failure isn't being hurt and its not being mad...failure is letting all those emotions take over you and control you. Therefore, don't be a hater because failure, to me is also not realizing that there is a higher power in life...its not realizing that your character IS your matter who you are, who you worship or (geez)....what you worship. Failure is not being knocked down by a hateful person. Failure is not overcoming adversity...Faliure (to me) is letting a hater making me a hateful person and not more of a loving one.
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