A Dog Named Tank - by Maddi

A Dog Named Tank - by Maddi
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Tank is a wonderful black lab. His master, Paul Mallory, was stationed in Iraq. Before he was deployed, Tank's owner wrote a letter all about Tank, packed up all of Tank's belongings and took Tank to a rescue Shelter with the understanding that Tank could only be adopted if they got notice from Paul's company comander of his death. Having no parents or siblings, Tank was his only family, and he loved Tank Dearly. Well, the notice came, and Tank was adopted. It just wasn't working! The new master was told that Tank's name was Reggie. Tank refused to answer to it! And Tank did not follow the cammands that he supposedly knew. The new master, realizing they were not happy together, decided to call the shelter. He dialed the number, and then spotted the letter from Paul. He hung up the phone and read Paul's letter, and felt a lump in his throat. He softly called out, "Come here, Tank!" Tank quickly turned his head toward the sound, stood up, and with wagging tail, rushed to his ne master's side. Tank thrust his head into the chest of his new master. They quickly became best friends, playing with tennis balls (Tanks favorite game, as noted in Paul's letter) and have been inseperable ever since!
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