●¢яєαм-тнє-яαввιт ιи α σяαиgє ∂яєѕѕ●

●¢яєαм-тнє-яαввιт ιи α σяαиgє ∂яєѕѕ●
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Cream: My beauiful dress~ i wish to wear this at my wedding ;) I love you Brain-kun!! <3 i hope u like my new dress.... *bows and picks dress up lil with fingers* Cream The Rabbit Gender: Girl Type: Rabbit Status: Taken and is Staright Taken by: Brain The Rabbit Cream: Love you so much Brain you complete me <33 Cream: Im sorry other boys... can we just be friends :)? Friends: All Sonic Characters but not Eggman or any other bad person and is not friends with Rouge Likes: Hanging with friends, hanging out with Brain, making flower hats and selling or wearing them, likes dolls and other neat things, likes Cheese and Brain's sister Sara and likes making new friends Dislikes: FIGHTING! (Even though she has some fight moves of her own, she thinks its not right still) being shy, when people hurt eachother, Sexual hrassment, Rape, Bullying, Mean people, Eggman doing bad stuff (like the time she got kidnapped by him and Sonic saved her), cheating, killing people, cuss words, or when someone is being mean to her friends >:((( Cream: I wont allow that! i'll get my boyfriend Brain and all my friends to back you up if you are being hurt!! Cream & Brains love theme song: (I got to talk about that with Espiessa94, but i think it should be ''i think i love you by kaci brown''
uploaded by: Soulangel11

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