Vivi & Kyle :]

Vivi & Kyle :]
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Ah her outfit took long to recolor Dx and i forgot to add something to her hair :| but finally! a picture of Vivi & Kyle TOGETHER not in anime form!! it was originialy a picture of Rebecca & Kyle (their relationship only lasted 1 day NO KIDDING!) so yeah lol x3 Vivi: *sits on couch* Im glad you made it Kyle, but why did you give me a rose & wanted to come over again? im baking brownies & cookies for a bake Sale to keep my lazy soccer team from canceling its school's preformances! Kyle: Vivi, you're the only one who tries hard on your Soccer Team, YOU are the one who does all the work! Vivi: I know, but i dont wanna seem like the girly type! *pounds fist on palm of hand* also, Soccer is my fav shut up :< Kyle: Well, whatever you say... & yw oh & i came because, um.. lets just say this past weeks i haven't been seeing you *inturrupted by Vivi* Vivi: Well no sh*t! >:| i dont mind.. Wendy's nice, Craig is one of my best friends along with Wendy, & Bebe & I are getting used to be friends! as for Fran, i haven't seen her for awhile thank GOD! Kyle: *stare* ...Yeaa... is that a thank you for avoiding you for some time? Vivi: *sigh* i guess.. Kyle: ..I-Im sorry. Vivi: Its fine really! Kyle: No its not! you're my girlfriend i gotta listen to your thoughts & feeling crap! but can we make it short, then we can play games? Vivi: *giggles* Oh Broflovski, im not that kind of girl. Hey, can i tell you about my new video game i got? im so far in it! Kyle: (Damn, this is worse then hearing how she feels..) Sure *gulp* Vivi: So here i was, playing my game when a big monster poped in it! & i was like, all out of ammo, so obviously i had to use my character's fists! then i saw the ammo, & quickly grabbed it! but first i had to reload so i ran and---*blah blah etc. blah blah blah!* Kyle: @__@.. heheh.. interesting story.. wanna play that game together? Vivi: I can tell you dont care Kyle: What!? no! i cared c-care! Vivi: *raises eyebrow* Kyle: *sigh* Sorry Vivi its just... i want this relationship.. to always last.. to be forever! im sorry, im not interested into this talk stuff like that.. its just.. well im only 9.. Vivi: Me too! and yeah, i can handle it but damn its super boring kinda! Kyle: *silght smile* :) Vivi: :) *kisses Kyle* Alright, let me just... O______O *runs in kitchen and grabs the tray of brownies* hot hot HOT! *puts it on the counter & sighs* ...That was close... Kyle: Good nose Vivi: *blush* thanks..whatever that means >////>0
uploaded by: Soulangel11

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