The Girl Who Lives In The Window <3

The Girl Who Lives In The Window <3
~Dance with me till the night has vanished~- (This was before Vivi & Kyle started dating) //Kyle's POV// I walked over to Vivi's window, with my guitar in my hand & I griped it nervously. ''What am I doing?'' I said to myself. But this has to be done, I can't be the only one sitting near the social rejects as all the children at my school are dancing the night away with their dates. No, even Cartman has a date to the dance. I was shocked, Why would God even give him a date to the dance? No, No this was all a fluke I thought. It can't be true. My eyes almost popped out of my eyeballs as I notice Wendy was taking him to the dance. Ever sense that school project Fran & Stan are dating, so obviously Stan offered Fran to go with him during Lunch. Me & Vivi looked at eachother & rolled our eyes as we continued eating, trying to ignore Fran screaming 'YES YES!' & squealing. Hell, even Kenny has a date. None of my friends knew that im the only one without a date. Course, I knew Vivi didn't have a date either. She isn't the type that would nervously, or any other way, ask a boy out & hoping she's gonna have her chances with him. But maybe, maybe her best guy-friend can get her to go to the dance with me. Then again she might make up an excuse that they will think we are dating. I don't mind, I'll take care of that. I started playing my guitar near Vivi's window. Singing lyrics about 'Go to the dance with me' 'It was meant to be' 'It was destiny' 'Oh Vivi~' But they were cheesy, I didn't have the time to make romantic lyrics & try to mess with her hear strings. Just then, I spotted a shadow of someone. I found out it was Cartman with Vivi's glasses on. ''Oh Kahl! I'll go to the dance with you as long as you promise to give me an STD!'' He started laughing after doing a bad impressionation of Vivi. I frowned & sighed angryly. ''Dammit fatass!'' I yelled. Then I saw another shadow, & I found out it was Vivi..In somewhat looks like a dress, I couldn't tell much. She had a heart neckelace on that looks exspensive, & a wrinkled bow on her head. The top of her 'dress' sparkled that looked black, & her bangs..looked really different. Vivi pushed Cartman & grabbed her glasses putting them away. She had no glasses on either. She must of been wearing contacts. She looked very pretty. ''B-Broflovski?'' Vivi said, raiseing her eyebrow. ''What are you doing here?...Why...Why do you have a guitar near my window?'' I blushed. ''Um...Um..Vivi..'' I breathed in some air. ''I want you to be my school dance date!'' I said. Vivi blushed with her mouth opened wide. ''Why?...what's the catch now?'' ''No catch. I don't want to be the only kid who didn't have a date to the dance. I trust you so..I was wondering maybe you want to go with me. Um, I Know im changeing the topic but, Why are you dressed up?'' I said. Vivi sighed. Cartman stood up. ''Her date ditched her! xD'' Cartman said chuckleing. She asked someone out? who? ''Who?'' I asked. Vivi sighed. ''My mom made me do all this okay?..I asked out Clyde..'' But, she hates Clyde. I thought to myself. ''But he ditched me for Bebe because he said I wasn't hot enough after he saw Bebe!'' She looked down. What an asshole for turning down a girl like Vivi, I-I mean..Just saying it as a-a supportive friend! ''..I'm sorry Vivi. This was stupid maybe I shouldn't of asked.'' ''No wait!'' Vivi said. ''I don't mind going with my best buddy. Be prepared to pick me up!'' She smiled. I turned back to her. ''Alright, I'll pick you up then soon!'' I ran home grinning. ''Bubbie I want you home either by 9:00 ot 8:30, don't drink the punch if it smells funny & please try not to embarrass yourself..I know you dance..kind of..--'' I stopped my mom from continueing that sentence. ''Don't worry ma, I'll be fine. If I have trouble dancing Vivi will help me. She's a great dancer.'' My mom smiled. ''Enjoy the dance honey.'' I walked out of my house, greeted Vivi as she was waiting outside & off to the dance we went. I accually had a good time with her. Vivi taught me how to slow dance sense I had no idea how to dance. We danced to some Taylor Swift. My heart skiped a beat suddenly. But, that wasn't the first time it did when I'm near her. So I had to hide this. She also asked me why I didn't just normally ask her to the dance. I guess I wanted to ask her in 'style'. She laughed. ''Come on Broflovski! to the fountain!'' Vivi said, running to fountain that ws just bulit up near the school. ''I just wanted to get away from that terrible music. Onec they started playing that shit I thought there was no going back..luckyily we got out just in time.'' Vivi said, with a nervous smile. I agreed then I sat down near the fountain with her. Vivi shook her head & chuckled. ''This is so..weird. Usually I don't enjoy dances like these much. But..somehow I really liked it.'' I smiled. ''Well, this was the first dance you probably went with people you really trust.'' Vivi nodded her head & leaned over to me. A kiss? was she about to kiss me!?..nope, just a kiss on the cheek. Vivi smirked & splashed water at me laughing. ''I'm bored xD'' She said. I started laughing & I shivered because of how cold the water was. ''Stop it Vivi!'' I said laughing. It was just so stupid how we were splashing water on eachother's fancy outfits. But, it was fun. So who cares? :] All I know is me & Vivi make great pals. I hoped this moment never ended.
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