love romance passion and flowers/roses

love romance passion and flowers/roses

this group is for blingee members who love romance love and passion and flowers/roses post ur blingees in here love quotes anything u got that for couple love romance passion flowers/ roses this is a beautifull blingee group thank u

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if u love flowers/roses this group is for you.
if u love love romance and passion this group is for you join and post anything with any of the up above to what i wrote 

welcome to love romance passion and flowers/roses: we are going to be starting everything over: i have returned : but i have a new username: my new username is now blacklightning: instead of evilchefmania: so please come and add me: i would love to get this group going again and i would love to make this group special: so please everyone bring all ur friends and family to this group: and lets get this group even more amazing then before: 

these are all my groups i own please feel free to join and help me get members in them: id really love to grow all these once again thank you: john

my groups come and join my groups :)

group managers


and looks like we need managers to help get this going if anyone intersted feel free to message me on blacklightning so we can work something out thank you :L)

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