Alexia Ashford

The twin sister to Alfred Ashford* and recognized as a genius shortly after she was born, Alexia Ashford was assigned as the head researcher of Umbrella’s Antarctic base at the age of only ten, and that same year she discovered what she named the T-Veronica Virus. Her precocious nature and gift for intelligence quickly earned her the resentment of those around her, especially from William Birkin and Albert Wesker. William Birkin, in particular, took her gifts extremely personally and sought to outshine her, but this proved impossible. Perhaps because of her high intelligence, Alexia became obsessed with the colonial lifestyle of formica solenopsis, known to many as the common ant. Alexia once remarked to her brother how she was born to become a queen ant while the rest of the world was there only to serve her. Her experiments with insects – particularly ants and dragonflies – became the focal point of her life and her work.
T-Veronica Virus
Alexia Ashford “died” at the age of twelve after an accident with the T-Veronica Virus. Her brother Alfred, consumed with her death, supposedly put her in cryogenic stasis for fifteen years to preserve her, giving the T-Veronica Virus almost a decade and a half to reconstruct the DNA of her body. She remained in a tank until she was awakened in December of 1998 by her brother, who died immediately afterwards.
When I discovered the T-Veronica virus, I tested it on my useless father, Alexander Ashford. To my surprise his cells split immedately causing him to transform into a monster. My brother, Alfred, and I had to tie him down because of it. I then decided that I would inject myself with the virus, but this time, I would put myself to sleep in a ultra-low temperture so my cells could adjust to the virus. Upon awaking from my fifteen year sleep, I became aware that my dear twin, Alfred, was attacked and murdered.
Umbrella Inc
Alexia Ashford is indeed a very unique woman. At a very young age she graduated college and began her career with Umbrella Inc. She, as well as her brother, Alfred, is very gifted.


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Alexia ashford  and Alfred ashford
Alexia ashford  and Alfred ashford
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